Monday, September 21, 2009

Check, check, check it out.

Yesterday's all day pork shoulder simmerfest - kind of turned out. Everything but the cut of the meat. I used a pork shoulder (sorry, I know that sounds kind of gross), but I should have used the butt (and... even grosser). I found the shoulder was a little too fatty. So the recipe below, I wouldn't change the ingredients - just the cut of meat.


Pork - pork roast, pork butt - a good cut of pork that can simmer all day long. 
In a large pot - place the pork. Cover with 1 tbsp of kosher salt and some fresh cracked pepper. Add 2 tbsp of garlic powder, 2 tbsp of cumin, 2 tbsp of smoked paprika, 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper (or 2 if you like it spicy) and 4 cups of water. Cover and simmer for hours. Literally - hours. I would keep an eye on it and flip it over so that both sides are simmering in the juices. When the meat is cooked - remove it from the pot, let cool and then either use your hands or two forks to shred the meat.

The pastry for these little gems is super easy. Seriously, super easy. I am not much of a baker, but this recipe is fool proof. I have used this recipe before for an Onion and Goat Cheese Tart - see it HERE.  

Pastry Dough
2 cups of flour
2 generous pinches of salt
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp sour cream
10 tbsp of unsalted butter - which is equivalent to 2/3 cup
2 tbsp of water
In your food processor, add all of dry ingredients with the butter. Pulse about 10 times until all of the butter is in pea sized bits. Add the sour cream, egg yolk and water and pulse a couple of more times. Check the consistency, it should be able to stick together and form a ball. 
Remove from the food processor and lay on a flour surfaced. With your rolling pin, roll out the dough. Cut circles about the size of a CD - I'm bad with measurements. 

For the filling
Once the meat is shredded, you should use about 3 cups of meat. Add 1 cup of corn, 1 cup of black beans (that have been rinsed) and 2 tbsp of ketchup. Mix it all together.

Fill each empanada with 2 heaping tbsp of the meat mixture in the center of each round. Brush one edge with egg. Fold over the other half and gently press the edges together - with a fork, press the edges down. Brush the one side with egg. Place the half moons on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and place them in a 450 oven for 15 minutes. 

I loved these! Chris loved them too - and rated them a 5!!! Give them a try - they aren't difficult - just a little timely. 

With the leftover pork - I made a very quick and easy Chili. This isn't my typical chili recipe - but close.

Fast food Chili
1 onion diced
3 cups of fresh sliced mushrooms
3 peppers - diced 
1 large can of diced tomatoes
Pork - left overs from the empanadas
1 can of beans - as in pork and beans - but I use beans in tomato sauce
1 can of navy beans
1 bunch of fresh spinach
Garlic powder (use the powder if you don't feel like chopping fresh garlic)
Lots of chili powder

In a large pot, saute the onions in olive oil and a pinch of kosher salt over medium heat. Once they are translucent, add the mushrooms. Continue to cook, stirring often. Add peppers - add a generous sprinkle of chili powder. Add the pork. Stir everything all together. Add tomatoes, and all of the beans. Add more chili powder, garlic powder, spinach - stir, cover and let simmer. Simmer for 20 minutes and your dinner is ready. 
Such a hearty dinner - and so super easy. Chris rated this a 4.
Now - we are just about to watch another episode of True Blood. If you haven't seen this before - try and find it. We download it - and we are ADDICTED to it. Soooo good.
Ok - good evening to everyone.


Jenny said...

I'm going to try this recipe for sure.
I heard lots about True Blood. Scott and I are always on the hunt for a new series.

C. Mitchell said...

You guys should really try it out. It's so good! Let me know how you like it.