Saturday, October 17, 2009

I think I need a kick in the butt - get a move on!

I am struggling with the fact that I didn't do much of anything today. I woke before 7:30 and lazed around in bed - watching a little tv - and got out of bed just after Chris headed to Kunga at 10! And then moved from the bed to the couch. I did a few things - roasted some of my garden tomatoes, walked the pups (when there was a break in the rain), made some lunch, quick trip to the store - and that's about it. I have this overly strong feeling of guilt - I should have cleaned my closet, put a ton of clean laundry away, done some dusting... I am thinking that I will just let it go - and embrace a little time off. 

Last night's visit with Tracy and Emma was delightful. We had a great time - watched 'Year One' - silly movie - with lots of funny bits. Tracy brought her camera along and took some pics for a 'project' that I am working on. She takes beautiful pictures - so I am very excited to see how they turned out. 

Here is a pic of a sandwich that I whipped up for Chris today. I had some baguette left over, so I lightly smothered it in light cream cheese, added some sausage (thinly sliced), four of my roasted roma tomatoes (I can't even describe the flavour of them - pure delightful goodness), topped with some monterey jack cheese with jalepenos. Baked - open faced - in a 300 oven for about 5 minutes. He liked it!

We went to the Fifth Street for dinner to celebrate Karen and Heidi's birthdays - a nice night - good food - and friends.

I just booked our hotel for Dallas - it looks really nice! Magnolia Hotel - Dallas. It looks like a really nice place, offers a complimentary breakfast, compliment evening reception with beer and wine, a cookies and milk buffet every evening and the entire hotel is non-smoking!!! So excited. 

Alright - I am hoping for a non-rainy day tomorrow. Jules and I are heading out to the Root Cellar nice and early, I will be putting the laundry away tomorrow, we're supposed to be going to the matinee to see Zombieland, and after today's day, I should be wiped.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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