Monday, October 26, 2009

New BFF? no. New Fave Chicken Recipe? yes.

Oh hello Monday. Wow did you ever sneak up on us.

So excited - my fave cuz, Margo, got me on to a new blog - and I love it. It's got everything - delicious recipes, amazing photos, lovely stories and so much more - check it out HERE. Anyways, I just love how she writes - and I have this weird feeling as if I know her. Not in a 'stalkerish' sort of way - but b/c of the way she writes - it just seems like she opens herself up and it's easy to relate* and befriend her. We share a love of kosher salt, panko breadcrumbs and cowboys**. I guess her site is what I inspire to work towards. Not exactly - but close. I have dreams my friends - big dreams. I know that they will develop - I just need to find the time to start putting together my puzzle - and hope that I'm not missing any pieces.
*Relate: I like to cook, she likes to cook. She loves dogs, I love dogs. She loves kosher salt, I love kosher salt. See where I'm going with this.
**Cowboys: She is married to one and I have dreamed of marrying one. Chris we are sizing you up for a pair of Wranglers and boots when we are in Dallas!

I suck at puzzles. I don't have the patience, misplace pieces, don't know where to start - should you start in the center or make the outside first - so no missing pieces get away??? See - this is a perfect analogy of my life. I'm not going to stress though - Halloween is over - I will just take it in stride. Make a list maybe. Maybe play around with my lovely Mac (Chris my love - this is one of the best gifts you could have ever gave me - loves). Maybe call over my gf's to help me figure out this fiasco - that's what friends are for.

Tonight's dinner was extra special: 1. Because I made a crispy lemon chicken recipe that I 'borrowed' from The Pioneer Woman and 2. Because Chris is home. What - home on a Monday??? Don't worry - everything is fine - he's on holidays this week - so when he does holidays - he doesn't do them half ass - he does it all. That's my boy! I had visions of me coming home from work - him greeting me at the door with a cup of tea and a bouquet of flowers and we would laugh and dance - and then we would make dinner together sipping wine and sit at the table while dinner simmered and gingerbreads danced 'on' our heads. Um... that didn't happen. Instead, I came home - was greeted by two lovely puppies - one that gently gnaws on my hand and the other that shakes from pure excitement. I then gathered up my laundry (crap it's still in the washer) and headed downstairs to find Christoff playing a little PC. Then I told him to fix the door, we then cozied for a couple of mins to try and get warm and then I started dinner and he watched the Flinstones. 6 pm tv on a Monday is a bit of a novelty I guess. Lucky. 

Alright, dinner was divine. I served it with sauteed cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Crispy Lemon Chicken
Now this is my interpretation - measurements aren't exact to hers.

12 chicken legs - washed off and seasoned with kosher salt
2 cups of plain yogurt
Juice of one lemon
4 cloves of garlic minced
2 cups of panko breadcrumbs

Pre-heat the oven to 375.
In a large bowl mix the yogurt, lemon and garlic.  Layout the breadcrumbs on a plate so that you can easily coat the chicken. 
With one hand, dip the chicken legs (one by one) in to the yogurt and then with the other hand coat the chicken leg in the bread crumbs. Try keeping one hand dry - it makes life so much easier. Place the chicken legs in a large baking dish. On each piece of chicken, place about a teaspoon of butter. 
Place in your pre-heated oven and let them cook for 1 hour. 

Chris rated this a 10+!! 
Here is a pic - I know that it's hid - but I am trying to learn - TF for TF.

The crispiness of the breadcrumbs and the flavour from the yogurt, garlic and lemon is completely divine. If you haven't used panko breadcrumbs before - run out and get some. They are so delicious and can be used in a lot of different recipes. You should be able to find them in the Asian section of any grocery store. 

Well friends that's it for me. I am off to sneak a piece of chocolate cake from last night. Holla!!!



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