Thursday, October 1, 2009

OOOOOH October!

Ok - I'm here. I am not sure where the last 9 days went since I posted last, but it seems like I was just making barley risotto (I've made it again since - so good) and now it's October 1st. OCTOBER 1st. 

Dear October, I heart you.

I heart the newness of October. The defining of fall - the crisp mornings and the cool evenings. Leaves turning fire red and orange and golden yellow. Squash, pumpkins, tomatoes - such treats to cook with. Bring it all on - I am prepared for a lovely autumn - oh how I love thee. I plan on having one big Octoberfest around these parts!

So, since I last posted, things have been busy. Real busy. I have...
- went to Pearl Jam - BEST CONCERT. 
- I fell in love with Eddie Vedder - all over again. 
- I cooked stuffed pork tenderloin, barley risotto and roasted baby carrots, beets and tiny brussels sprouts for friends
- I attended a coalition meeting against the needle exchange they are wanting to locate on the same street as the Kung Fu studio - read more HERE
- I was on the news - as Chek 6 was at the meeting - you probably wouldn't have really seen me, unless you looked really hard at the far top left of the screen. I looked a little like I was undercover b/c I was wearing a new hat
- I used a 20% off coupon at Ricki's and bought two new hats and a new turtle neck
- I tried on a skirt that I bought last year that did not fit - but I bought it any way - b/c I loved it. I couldn't get it done up - and I tried it on on Sunday and it fits perfectly!!! Hello. What happened??? How did that happen? 
- I made a delicious stirfry with rice noodles
- I made homemade butternut squash soup with sourdough croutons and cauliflower fritters
- I learned that a breeder that I contacted in the summer of 2008 has two 3 month old Bearded Border Collies - oh god - please give me strength to not bring one home. They are adorable. I thought that Chris would be very upset that I even mentioned it - and that would keep the situation in check - however, he is doing the opposite. 

I will post some of my recipes - I am excited to share them.

I hope you're all well. I will not be a stranger again - I plan to have my evenings more free.




Jenny said...

I heart October as well.
I waiver with my opinion on needle exchanges. I think they are probably a good idea, but NOT in the vicinity of a school, or school aged children. I know if it was going on in my neighbourhood I'd have issues with it as well. I realize it's supposed to be a positive thing,but it's a scary idea to have that going on with kids in the area. And some could say I'm naive that it still goes on with kids,but at least we're not promoting it.
I love Eddie Vedder...always have...always will...LOL You get to see all the great concerts...lucky girl!!
Hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

Please, p;ease,please, not again, no new puppy before you go away.