Friday, October 2, 2009


Starting the weekend off with a bang. Well, not really - but we did celebrate our bi-weekly 'Friends of Libations' at work. I named it that so that it doesn't directly imply that we are having an 'alcoholic beverage' to start the weekend off. 

The pups were off to the groomers today - Magnum has a new mohawk, and Jozie is  so fresh and beautiful. Magnum is quite 'frisky' right now. This will last a few days. It's like he has just met Jozie for the first time. 

Jozie is giving Magnum - her famous 'Shitzu snarl'

We don't have too much planned this weekend. Jules finally home - so hopefully we'll have a visit. I have a dog walk planned, need to do a big yard clean up and get rid of our summer plants, get some jeans hemmed, and do some hearty comfort food. I think that I am going to try some baked macaroni and cheese (I have a couple of different recipes) and maybe a nice big pot of chicken corn chowder. I just feel like so good ol' comfort food - so hopefully I'll get some of that done.

I hope that you all have a fun weekend planned - stay tuned for some recipes.


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