Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanksgiving countdown...

Getting things done. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I love doing our turkey dinner on the Sunday - so that Monday can be somewhat of a laze-around day, stuffing ourselves with turkey sandwiches.

We went to a potluck turkey dinner last night at Heidi and Michael's and it was delicious. I made Spinach Gratin to bring - and it turned out really well. It's a very easy dish - something that can be made in advance and then heated just before dinner.

Before we went out last night I made my stuffing and pumpkin pies. I didn't make my pie filling from scratch - I don't have that much energy. I did make my pie crusts though - used THIS recipe and added 3 tbsp of sugar to sweeten it up a bit. 

This morning I've been busy. I have prepped all of the veggies, made the cranberry sauce, stuffed the turkey (it's cooking as I type), dog walk, plugged the garbarator, decorated the house a bit - gourds, mini pumpkins, dried corn, and other decorations that I have picked up over the years. 

Dinner will be intimate this evening with just 5 of us. I am actually looking forward to it. Typically we don't have less than 10 - so this will be a nice change, a little more slower paced and more relaxed.

On the menu tonight:

Stuffing with Italian sausage
Mashed potatoes 
Roasted carrots, brussels sprouts and beets
Cranberry sauce 
Buns from Art's Bakery - my new favourite place - located on Burnside Ave.
Pumpkin Pie

Fall is my favourite season - I have said before that I love the crispness of the air, the cool mornings and evenings, the leaves changing colour. I also love, the fresh food that is season - the squashes, carrots, potatoes, beets - lots of great root vegetables. When I was prepping up my beets this morning, I was struck by the unbelievable beauty of them. They are stunning. I also love the cranberries - they are little jewels. 

Well, I should get off of my Royal Canadian - and get stuff done. Hopefully I have time for a shower :)

I hope for those having turkey dinns tonight, have a delicous one. I will be reminding myself about all that I am grateful for today - there is a lot.


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