Friday, November 27, 2009

Good end to a stressful day.

Jules update: All went well. She is recovering nicely in the hospital overnight, and is set to hopefully go home nice and early tomorrow morning. It was a bit of a long day waiting for news, but happy that it all went well. Thanks to everyone's well-wishes - it means a lot.

Shopping and dinner with the boys was fantastic. We had a great time. They got what they wanted (I hope) and we had a great dinner. Callum had a FULL rack of ribs - not sure how he downed them all, but he managed. 

And now for the best part of the night, Callum is having a sleep over. We should probably be in bed soon, but whatever, we're going to stay up as late as we can - watch tv that we shouldn't, eat so much chocolate and run around the house with scissors. JUST KIDDING!!! But we will have time.

To show how much fun we have been having (Chris included) I posted some pics (thanks to Tracy for showing me that I had this feature).



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