Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Monday!

I'm around. Not sure where the time has gone from last 'How to cook a frozen pizza' for dinner night. Always amazed at how time does really go by so fast. 

Last night we were over at my sister's for dinner. Her and the boys are going to Australia for Christmas, so we did a little sort of 'Christmas Eve' dinner in November. Debbie usually does Christmas Eve dinner - we eat appy's, clam chowder, my mom's amazing baking and chocolate (well mostly just Debbie and I eat the chocolates). So we did that type of meal last night. So good. Such a treat to not have to cook dinner and visit. Jules did their Christmas presents - spoiled them. 

I am so proud of my nephews. They have turned out to be such amazing, young men. I feel truly blessed to be a big part of their lives, and I am really going to miss them this Christmas. I am taking them out on Friday night - we'll shop for a Christmas prezzie for them and then go to dinner. It should be a fun night. 

Not too much to report. I haven't really been cooking - not sure what we've been eating. Tonight was a pasta dish, very similar to what I made HERE - it just wasn't baked, it hand ground turkey sausage, and bow tie pasta. It was quite beautiful and reminded me of Christmas - red pepper, pink swiss chard stems and green swiss chard leaves and then little bow tie pasta - I should have photographed it.

I have a new favourite song - Alicia Keys and Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind - I love Alicia Keys voice. 

Alright friends - that's it for me. I have to read my book club book before Wednesday and I am on page 2. Help!!!!!!



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