Friday, November 6, 2009

Healthy addictions.

Well, our Friday has arrived. TFIF. It's been a typical week - some ups, some downs, but it's over - and the weekend is going to be full of goodness. 

To start this fine weekend off - even though it took me over 30 minutes to get home - a typical 7-10 minute drive - took way longer - I have put on my 'cozy clothes' - pretty much any sort of relaxation clothes - we had chicken wings and spinach and artichoke dip from M&M b/c I just didn't feel like cooking. Chris and I are loafing about, watching the hockey game, hanging with the pups and taking it easy. 

For the rest of the weekend - we are going to the Matthew Good concert tomorrow night at the McPherson - really looking forward to that. I have plans to do a little shopping with my mom tomorrow morning - and Sunday visiting the Root Cellar and a new kitchen shop that she has discovered - and a bit of a hockey game. 

I think that I have talked about some of my addictions before: chocolate, Mark Wahlberg movies, chocolate, kosher salt, chocolate. Well another addiction - cooking magazines. I love them. I love the different varieties that there are, I love the ideas they give me, I love the new techniques that I've never tried, I love the pictures, I love the new gadgets, I love it all. So... it's probably an expensive addiction - but I like to think that it could be worse. I could have an addiction to Gucci shoes, watches, perfume or china ponies that I would have to fill each room with. The only problem that I see with my addiction is what to do with them? How can I stop from filling my kitchen desk, and my coffee table - and the large baskets in my spare bedroom with them? WHAT???? 

Tonight I started looking through November's 'Cooking Light' (oh how I love thee) I used a little bookmark on each of the pages that I liked the recipes for - and as I was doing this, I thought that it would be good to remove those pages from the magazine and recycle the rest of the magazine. Oh hello Miss Magazine Organizer. I have started step 1, and hopefully I can go through the rest of my magazines and pull out the faves, which would be step 2. 

Now, once I get through step 2, I would need to go on to step 3. I know - step 3!!!! I think that step 3 would be 'filing' the pages somewhere - or trying to type them up and storing them somewhere on my wee little laptop - aka - my cooking sidekick. 

I will work on this 4 step program. What is stop 4 you ask - cooking the recipes! I will work on it and give an update as to how it is working.

I have two cookbooks to go through. 

Cookbook 1 - 500 Pizzas & Flatbreads. This was a gift from my co-workers for my 9th year anniversary. Each of them wrote up a nice little thing about me and they were put in as book marks sporadically throughout the book. They all made me cry. There are some great recipes - and some dough recipes that look pretty easy.

Cookbook 2 - The Pioneer Woman Cooks. So excited for this one. I would recommend this one - not just for the recipes - but the photos are beautiful and her dedication to cowboys - ooh lala. I ordered it on and it arrived in 2 days!

So, hopefully with some hardcore recipe mag and book reading this weekend - it will inspire me for some new recipes.

I hope you're all enjoying your Fridays - live it up this weekend. Go out and smash it - let go your guard - jump off that sofa.... 



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