Thursday, November 19, 2009

How do you build an American Quilt?

Remember how I was elated by having such a wonderful day yesterday? It was probably b/c of the extra caffeine jolt that I had during the day. Well  you know what - payback's a bitch. That caffeine came back last night and kept me awake - that and my ongoing saga with WestJet. Without getting into too much detail - b/c I haven't been able get a hold of them via phone during the day - I thought that I would try calling them in the middle of the night if I had to use the loo*. Well - I did and after over 3.5 hours being awake at 1 AM - a good day turned into a long night without a lot of sleep. 
* = at least twice a night. 

Writing this blog, and posting what I'm cooking up each night for dinner - on the rare occasion causes me a bit of angst. Sometimes I really don't feel like making dinner. And sometimes I worry that I am may be posting a dinner somewhat unhealthy, unimaginative, unentertaining dinners. Well tonight, I knew what we were going to have for dinner when I woke up this morning (my official wake up - not the 1AM wake up) - it would be a frozen dinner kind of night. 

The other night I took a trek out to Superstore and I picked up some good finds. I found some 'Blue Menu' pizzas - that looked relatively healthy - and easy. So tonight's dinner is dedicated to those nights when you just don't feel like cooking - when you want a treat - when you don't want to wash a whack of dishes and when you want feel like you're ordering in at 1/4 of the cost.

How to Cook a Frozen Pizza

When I thought of this tonight - as I was heating up the oven - I thought it was so funny (I guess that is what a lack of sleep will do to you) I thought that it was a title like 'How to build an American quilt). Oh my.

Superstore's Blue Menu - 'healthier' options. 
Roasted Vegetable and goat cheese & Roasted chicken, red pepper and goat cheese.
Check the pizza box for baking instructions - read thoroughly.
Pre-heat oven to temperature stated on the package.
Remove the pizza from the box.
Remove the pizza from the plastic packaging and off of the cardboard.
Take a look at the masterpiece before it's ready for the oven.
Place them in the oven and bake according to the instructions.
With a sharp knife - slice the pizza to the size that makes you happy.
Serve it up.

Must eat pizza.

For a more healthy version - check out my summer pizza recipes.

Keep your eyes and ears open - the weekend is coming!!




Jenny said...

Haha...that's what we had for dinner as well!!(not the same brand)
I agree, sometimes it's just easier to do an "easy" dinner.
Tonight we're having chicken wraps.

C. Mitchell said...

Yumma!!! Do you do cold ones or hot? Chris loves wraps.