Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Jules.

What do you see wrong with this pic? Cooking Light - 3 magazine purchase this week!!! Yipes

Where oh where has my baby* been?

Ok, Wednesday night - I went to post my new Mushroom Soup recipe and corn bread muffins - and I couldn't connect to the world wide web. Last night - too busy hanging with my beau and going to bed at a time that school kids go to bed - 9:15. Whaddup with that?

And... what am I writing mid-morning for? Crazy!! Don't worry, I'm not at work slacking off. 

Today my mom, the lovely and so generous Jules, is going in to have a malignant melanoma removed off of her back. It's going to be not a very serious operation, in the sense that she will just have to spend the one night in the hospital, but the incision on her back and the recovery, I think, will be quite a bit for her to endure. I know that she will make it through, she is a strong woman - and she just needs to remember that.  The surgeon will test her lymph nodes and bones to see if anything has spread.

She was told that her surgery was for 8 AM this morning and that she needed to be there for 6. They failed to let her know that the actual surgery wasn't until 11:15 and that she didn't actually need to be there until 8:45. Neat. Thankfully there was a Starbucks nearby - so we took a nice walk - for some crisp fresh air and something to warm me up. Jules was wearing some black slip on, open-toed sandals with white socks. Oh. When I picked her up - I had to comment - who wouldn't?? So when we were walking - and trying to rush across the street - she was yelling 'don't run, my shoe will fall off and someone will drive over it'. I just about wet them - can you just see it?

Anyways - Chris and I will sit at home, try and keep busy (me more than him - his idea of keeping busy is watching 'Band of Brothers'), walk the pups - and wait until 3 when we can go and see her. I miss her. I don't like not being able to call her anytime of the day and talk about nonsense and expect her to listen. Must keep busy. Must interrupt Chris' movie and talk about anything.

Ok - let's move on to other things. Wednesday night - homemade mushroom soup. I love mushrooms - raw, sauteed, baked - you name it. And for some reason, when I am at the Root Cellar and I see packs of fresh button mushrooms and sliced mushrooms and they are 2 for $5 - I feel it necessary to buy 2 of each. Not sure why. Anyways - I did that this week and realized that it was quite a bit of mushrooms. So, soup it was. I also 'doctored' up a box of Organic Corn Bread muffins with shredded cheese and hot pepper flakes. 

Mushroom Soup Sims Style

1 large onion - thinly sliced
7 cups of mushrooms - either sliced, or button mushrooms that have been quartered
2 tbsp of flour
3 cloves of crushed garlic
5 cups of stock - I used low fat, low sodium chicken stock
Fresh thyme - around 2 tbsp
Sour cream for garnish

In a large pot, saute the sliced mushroom in olive oil with pinches of kosher salt. Saute for about 8 mins. Add mushrooms. Continue to saute over low-medium heat for another 15 minutes. Add garlic. Then add the flour and mix so that the flour is coating the mushrooms. Add in 2 cups of the stock and stir. It will slightly thicken. Then add the rest of the stock, and let it simmer for about another 30 minutes. Before you blend it all together, add the fresh thyme and some fresh cracked pepper. Then with a hand blender or a blender, blend the soup all together. Serve it warm with a dollop of sour cream on top. I am confident that you will love this.

For the corn bread muffins - I used a box of organic mix that I picked up at the Superstore. I added a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese and crushed pepper flakes - how ever much you like. I used my big muffin tins - so instead of making 12 it made 6 large ones. And let me tell you, they were delicious. I think that you could definitely use the same measurements - 1 egg, 1 cup of water and 2 tbsp of vegetable oil with just regular corn meal to make the same recipe. That is definitely on my list to try. So good.

Well - that's it for me for now. I have plans this evening to take out C&C and spoil them and treat them to dinner - Moxie's - Callum's choice b/c 'they have chicken wings' - whatever he likes - it's their night.

Alright - please keep positive thoughts for my mom. 



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Jenny said...

Tell your mom I'm wishing her a speedy recovery!
That soup looks delish.
I have to say I love your blog. It's like reading a magazine..witty, great ideas...