Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas memories.

I can still remember our lovely pup visiting Santa for the first time. Oh how we miss her around this time of the year. She loved Christmas. And you may think - buh, she's a dog she didn't know it was Christmas - but she so did. She got so excited when the tree came in the house, when presents were being opened and all the visitors stopping by.

Picture 1: Not happy - but she is humouring us.

Picture 2: Moving away - hoping that Santa doesn't notice but that we do b/c she wants to get the 'heck' out of there.

Picture 3: Death stare. 

These pics made my day when I came across them today. I hope that you all get some great shots over the holidays that will make lasting memories - and I hope that you find some old favourites.



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Beth said...

oh, wee Maggie. I miss her gruff grumbling when I put my feet on her, and her expressive ears. If I miss her, I imagine how it must be for you. She was a good girl.