Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

The stockings are hung... 

T minus 2 days. BAH!!! I am getting excited!! Are you??? 

Wrapping done - check
Shopping done - check
Food shopping done - check (thanks to my mom!!!!!! - Mom you're the best)
Dinner menu planned - check
Fudge delivered - check

Wow - that is a lot of stuff checked off. Well - in my eyes anyways.

Tomorrow is going to be a lazy day. We are going to take all of our food that was donated at our party to the Mustard Seed. Do a nice long dog walk with a Starbucks in hand. We have my sister's pup here for Christmas, Hattrick, so extra long dog walks are the plan. Then I am going to try and prep everything for Christmas dinner and for tomorrow night's dinner.

On the menu tomorrow for Christmas eve:
Caramelized onion and goat cheese tarts
White bean soup
Coconut chicken skewers

Tomorrow I am going to do the stuffing, get all of the vegetables prepped, breakfast made for Christmas day and a zillion other things that will definitely keep me busy. 

I am borrowing this recipe for Christmas morning. I am really excited to give it a try. Mostly b/c it can be done the night before. Just put it in the oven and then prezzies can be opened and Purdy's chocolate can be eaten. Oh wait - I probably should wait until after breakfast for that. I hope that I can sleep tonight - so excited for Christmas!!!!

Well my friends - happy Christmas Eve Eve. 



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