Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas friends and family. I hope that you all had a great day and it was what it was meant to be for all of you. 

Now we are on Boxing Day - and all the hype, the prep, the anticipation is passing - and days of relaxation are hopefully among us.

Christmas Eve was a great day. I was up pretty early prepping everything for Christmas dinner. And, oh was I grateful on Christmas day for that. I made the stuffing, cut up the peppers for the corn dish, boiled the turnips, made Christmas morning breakfast, and a bunch of other stuff. I am really excited to share some of my recipes. I tried a few new recipes this year and they turned out really well. 

Christmas morning we were up early - had far too many presents to open - Santa really spoiled all of us this year. We took a break from opening prezzies, ate breakfast put the turkey in the oven, opened more prezzies and then lounged. Dinner was so easy - no chaos - we all ate way too much - and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It was a great day with my mom - we didn't have to rush out and go anywhere, just really enjoyed the moments. We missed some of our family members, but we were able to talk to them, which made it all ok. Auntie Babs sent a big box of Purdy's which was a godsend - chocolate on Christmas morning - is just the way things should be done. 

Today, Boxing Day, isn't so much 'Boxing Day' for me. It was 13 years ago today that my dad passed. Boxing Day was always special growing up - we always were surrounded by a lot of friends. It is still a very special day for me, it's just different now. I remember today, 13 years ago like it was yesterday. I so wish that it was yesterday, then I would have had seen him again. Now, we have new traditions, family is still very important on this day. We relax in the morning, we get together, we eat and then usually have a hockey game on at some point.

Well friends, this is a short post - with some of my fave pics added. I will be posting some recipes this week. I think that I will add a 'Christmas', 'Thanksgiving' and other special occasion menus - so that I can keep them central - and remember them for my next holiday dinner.

Christmas Eve - Chris (lounging on the sofa) waiting for Santa.

Jules 're-inacting' the photo op - of when she opened her cell phone. Hey Mom - 1980 called they want your cell phone back!!!

My favourites!

Jules famous Snowball cake.

No one took my photo on Christmas - but I promise, I was there. :)

Happy Boxing Day - I am sending lots of love your way.



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