Thursday, January 21, 2010

Be good to yourself... nobody else will...

I'm on a high. Woooo weeeee - what a good feeling. It's started friends. The running story has started. I'm so excited! I know that in a couple of weeks I will be sobbing, beating myself up, talking myself out of running class, being emotional b/c my running mates are so supportive, and just overall defeating myself for wishing I was faster, stronger and lighter. 

But for right now. For this Thursday night, I am going to take it for what it is. Embrace my accomplishment and just love myself. Sorry if this is a bit gushy - but I really think that I don't use my energy to focus on the good as much as I do the bad. 

I have come home to a huge treat! Chris and our dear friend David, aka, Uncle David, aka Nanny David - made a delicious dinner. They cooked up a storm - so after a run - I had a very good and healthy dinner. What a frickin' (sorry for the curse) treat!!! To not have to make dinner sometimes is 'the love of my life'. You know I love to cook - seriously how could you not? - but sometimes a little break is sweet.
We love David. Isn't he handsome? 
On the menu: 
Pork tenderloin medallions, steamed spinach and broccoli, whipped mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, and for the boys a roast.  It was delicious. 

Didn't they do good?

Alright - I need to distract myself so that I don't try and find chocolate - thankfully The Office is on shortly - that should do the trick. 

I will be MIA for a couple of days. We are off to Van for a Canucks game on Saturday night - and going over a night early to have a little R&R. I am very excited b/c I will be meeting my cuzzie's little Angus for the first time! I will also be making a trek to The Gourmet Warehouse and hopefully Bosa Foods. If anyone wants a bag of Kosher Salt or some good Olive Oil - let me know I can grab you something.

Oh before I go - I wanted to share last night's dinner. I am kicking myself b/c I forgot to take a picture - but I will make it again so I will be sure to get a pic.

Jules bought me a rice cooker for Christmas. I have heard that anyone who has one LOVES it. I was like - ya, whatever - I use my pot. But I am learning why people love them so much. It's sooooo easy.  So it was only the 2nd time that I had used it, and the first time, Debs actually made the rice. Last night's dinner was a last minute throw together. And literally, that's all I had to do; throw it all together and then sit on my Royal Canadian.

Rice Cooker Rice with Coconut milk and veg

Brown rice
1 can of coconut milk
1 pepper - I used orange - cut into thin slices and then in half
1 zucchini - julienned
1.5 cups of brown button mushrooms - sliced in half
3 bunches of baby bok choy- thinly sliced
1/2 cup of sweet thai chili sauce
Kosher salt and pepper

Place the rice and the coconut milk in the rice cooker and add water to make up the difference for the liquid portion. Then add the rest of the ingredients - and let the rice cooker do what it's supposed to do. I found that needed to let it cook about an extra 10 minutes.

I will definitely make it again.

Alright friends - have a great weekend. Do something that you are proud of and reward yourself accordingly. It's good for us.



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