Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 of 365.

Happy New Year friends. With these lovelies in my life - it makes for a good start to the new year.

For me - the whole year, the whole Christmas season has gone by so fast. I think that 2009 was very kind to us. I can only expect goodness from this year. Why not? I think that I deserve it. I think that we all do. Positive energy - the power of positivity - um... rambling. I really do want to take on that positive attitude and bring it home. I have a lot of hopes for this year - and I hope that I can set these promises for myself and keep true to myself.

Health - emotional and physical. I think that focusing on these two major parts of my life - that so many other things will come together. I have tried to focus on these in the past and I have made changes in my life - but there is so much more work to be done. The thing that I love about expressing, exclaiming my 'promises' my need for change - is that I am not afraid to admit that I need to do some work on myself - and mostly because we all do! And I think that if I can express some of my struggles - that others may be able to too - and in turn we will all learn from one another. We need to lean sisters. I love that so many wonderful woman in my life (and men too) help me be a better me - help inspire me to be a better me. The power of friends and family is endless.

I need a motto after that speech. Let me think about it...

Our New Year's Eve was a great night. Very low key. 10 of us got together - ate, drank, laughed. All in all, a great night - up way past my bed time.

This first day of 2010 was a good one. There was a little sleeping in. There was a little dog walk - the dogs ran and ran - we stood and threw balls. There was a nice brunch of bacon and Chris' famous poached eggs. There was hot chocolate with whipped cream from my new whipping cream gadget. And there was dinner with Jules. 

I was remembering New Years 2000. It was mine and Chris' first New Years together. And we did it up in style. We were in Vancouver at BC Place for KISS. Such a fun night. We were with his son, bringing in the new year - and having a great time. It reminded me of good times. And it reminded me that Chris and I have been together for a decade! A whole decade!! We're still not married - :) - just my dig in there b/c I know that he will be reading. 

Alright - I need to add a ress*. I did up a new Cranberry sauce recipe for Christmas dinner - and made it again today to take to Jules. I am quite fond of this new recipe. I was going to use The Pioneer Woman's recipe - but when I started to make it - I was too busy to grab the laptop to check it out again, but I knew that she added maple syrup.

*Ress: My new word for recipe for 2010. Very cool.

Cranberry Sauce

1 cup of maple syrup - so worth it
1 cup of water
1 bag of fresh cranberries - if you can't find fresh (that happened to me one year) you can use frozen
Zest of one fresh navel orange

Add the maple syrup and water to a medium sized pot and heat on high.

When the liquid starts to boil add the cranberries. (Sorry, those berries are a bit blurry).

Add the zest of one naval orange. (That is the fancy new zester that Chris got me for Christmas. I LOVE it). Reduce the heat to medium/high and let it boil gently for 10 minutes.

Remove the pot from the heat and once it is cooled you can add it to a jar or your serving bowl. Keep it refrigerated. The zest adds a really refreshing flavour. PS - whenever I put anything in a Mason Jar - I feel like I am living on a farm. 

Well, that it's for me tonight. I am off to bed. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. The 'undoing' of the house. It's a large task let me tell you. Thankfully Christoff is off so he will be able to help. I am back to work on Monday - and I really want to have a whole day of nothing on Sunday. I was off this whole week, and although I am so grateful for the time off - I feel that it wasn't enough.

I had to take this photo before our tree was brought down. I forgot to have someone take one of us. I like to think that those little sparkles around me (notice that they're not around Chris - I actually just really realized that) that those are my angels. What if they were? I would love it. A photographer would probably tell me different, but whatever. 

Help me with my motto. Give me what you got!



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Jenny said...

...believe that you are worthy of the changes. Believe in yourself, believe in others. Believe that it is your time for the changes to be made....:)