Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whattup G?

Love this pic - downtown Vancouver. Welcome Olympics!!
Our seats at the game - thanks mom!!
Uh - I think that I look a bit 'special' in this picture.

I was all excited to post - tell some stories of my weekend and my running - but all of a sudden I saw two things on tv - and I am all emotional - and it's not even that time of the month that I should be emotional. I have the tv on for 'background' noise - and sometimes, something catches my eye.
1. The Tim Horton's commercial with Sidney Crosby - he's talking in present time, and then it goes to him when he was a young boy - someone knew that he was going to be famous. He is saying something like 'imagine waking up everyday and doing something that you love to do'. I want to be Sidney!!! Are you doing what you wanted to do as a kid? Are you waking up and doing what you love? 
2. American Idol - a guy just got through that has Tourettes Syndrome. He had a great voice. 

I love to hear stories of people who are doing what they love. They are all so inspiring. 

Our weekend getaway was lovely. It was a very relaxing weekend. We stayed downtown - so we spent a majority of the time downtown - walking around, sipping Starbucks and people watching, a little shopping, a Canuck game!!, a visit with the newest member of the family - Angus (and his momma and papa). All in all such a great trip. It's such a treat to just get away - relax, spend some good quality time with your love and getting away from the chaos of our busy lives.

Meeting Angus was so great. He is such a beautiful little boy. Cuz Marsha gave me a jar of Salt with Herbs de Provence - and it is amazing!!! I put some on a roast chicken the other night with a bit of olive oil - and it was divine. Thanks Marsh!!! 

Running for my life! 
Oh my it's started again. This year, I have decided to do two running clinics. HELLS YA. 2 clinics! Die hard. NOT. I need the routine and to make sure that I don't sit on my Royal Canadian for 6 other nights. So my plan is that I run with the Sole Sisters on Tuesdays, with the Pearkes Running clinic on Thursdays, and then run on Sundays. So that gives me 4 nights to sit on my Royal Canadian for the other days. So far so good. 

I haven't been cooking anything exciting. I have been doing a lot of repeats. Monday night was Roast Chicken - I thought that I have posted a recipe for that - but I can't find it. It is the easiest dinner ever - put it in a roasting pan, drizzle a bit of olive oil and then rubbing in some dried herbs - roast in a 425 oven for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I like to add potatoes, squash, onions and carrots around the pan. Rosemary is a lovely herb to add.

Tonight's dinner was a pasta dish with whole wheat gnocchi that I picked up at the Gourmet Warehouse. I will post that recipe soon.

Alrighty friends - hope all is well. 



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