Wednesday, February 10, 2010

But...ter chicken.

If you have ever made or tasted Butter Chicken - please don't read this. Ok - you can read this, but be warned that my version should be called Non-butter chicken.

I was very excited to rush home today and try a Butter Chicken recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Well, I made it... but mine turned out more like Tomato Soup Chicken with butter. Seriously. Oh my. Well, it turned out to taste delicious - but I am pretty sure it did not taste like PW's - it definitely did not resemble it. So - I will have to try this one again. 

Check out the recipe HERE - and see what it looks like. Then I will show you what my recipe looks like and what I did differently. I will definitely try this recipe again. I will be sure to purchase the right ingredients and try and get it to turn out like PW's buttery goodness. 



I didn't marinade the chicken. I chopped up the chicken breasts into chunks, added the spices, garlic and lime and then added it to the sauteed onion. I didn't add tomatoes like the recipe called for - and used half and half instead of whipping cream. Because the recipe was then exactly like delicious tomato soup, I added the roasted vegetables to the dish - to try and thicken it up a it. I didn't have cilantro on hand - so I used fresh basil.

All in all, served with basmati brown rice (thanks for the rice cooker Mom) it was delicious - just not like I had planned for it to be. 

Let's talk about something that did turn out. Hello chocolate cake-pops. These were delicious. I found these on a link off of PW's site. Check it out HERE. I loved the picture of the pink ones on the right hand side of the page and think that they would be a great idea for a kid's birthday. I made this for Sunday's Super Bowl party - and also attempted to make little footballs too. I
 followed the recipe - but improvised - and the recipe did turn out.

Chocolate Cake Pops
1 cake mix - bake the cake as per the instructions on the box. Let the cake cool. 
2 8oz packages of cream cheese - let them get to room temperature
3 cups of milk chocolate wafers 
Lollipop sticks - I found a pack of these at Michael's

Once the cake has cooled, in a large bowl crumble the cake completely. Add the cream cheese and with your hands (Warning: It gets messy) mix all of the cake and the cream cheese together. Once it is all combined, roll the the cake/cream cheese into small balls and place them on a parchment lined paper baking sheet. You can make the balls as big or as small as you like. Place them in the fridge and let them cool for a couple of hours. 

Once the balls have cooled and are firm, it is time to prepare the chocolate. In a double boiler - a pot with boiling water and a metal bowl is my double boiler - place the chocolate and let it melt. Once the chocolate is melted (don't eat it - pace yourself) put the stick into the base of the ball and dip the cake ball into the chocolate. Coat the ball and put it back on the parchment paper lined baking sheet and let it set. 

And that's it. It really is a very easy recipe - and they are delicious!!!! So worth it. I think that the next time I try them, I will use white chocolate and then add food colouring to get the colour you are looking for.

I am warning  you - the Olympics are starting - and I will probably be dumb and emotional. I just watched the commercial where the theme song 'I believe' is like a music video - and I was a teary eyed.

We are going to Debs' house on Friday night to watch the Opening Ceremonies - I'm very excited. 

I hope that you are all well - getting prepared for lovely Valentine's Day. 



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Jenny said...

I love butter chicken, but I keep it fairly simple, with chicken, butter, half and half and tomatoes...(blended and then half the remaining can)...
I use the prepackaged mix from Save on More...and it's delish...
I should get my friend Joni's's too.die.for....
Hope today is a good one!!