Thursday, February 25, 2010

Couch Potatoes

Had to share this.

We are all cozying on the couch. I am on one end, with my laptop, and watching the woman's long program (GO CANADA GO!). Chris is on the other end, lying down so his legs are bent and he has a blanket covering him. Jozie is curled up in back of Chris' legs with her head resting on his legs. Magnum is laying right on top of Jozie. 

I love it.

Chicken Caesar Salad - was on the menu for tonight. It's become an easy and healthy dinner on Thursdays. I was supposed to go running tonight (don't panic (like I was a bit) I have not fallen off the wagon) - I had training today and didn't get out of there until about 5:45 and running started at 6. I have plans to buy a new watch this weekend so that I can set the intervals for myself. I think that this may be a bit weird - but I am really looking forward - a bit nervous - to try running by myself. 

Chris has just ran off to the BM (bank machine) and I requested a chocolate bar. I hope that he delivers. 

Not sure if you are getting the wiff - but the wiff is the weekend, fast approaching. Oh lovely weekend - how I have missed you so.



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