Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Fever!

I've got it. The Olympic Fever - the Canadian Olympic Fever! I love the Olympics - always have - but this year - it's just so exciting that they are so close to home. I am kicking myself that I didn't try and get tickets 2 years ago when you had the opportunity to put your name in the pool to see if  you could get tickets. But... that's ok... watching them at home and seeing everything on tv - and the city of Vancouver - is so awesome.

Our 'current' wall Art.

I am pretty sure that is a shadow on the left side of my upper lip; however, it could be chocolate ice cream. I am hoping it's a shadow and that Nancy didn't let me walk around with a 'stash.

I went over to Vancouver and spent the day with one of my favourite people - Nancy. Nancy is a 'Dubliner' (temporarily) and wanted to come home and be a part of the spirit. And she totally has! We had a great day together! We didn't stand in lines, we didn't do the zip line, we didn't go to any of the country's houses - but we did a lot of walking, we went to Granville Island, we had ice cream and had a fantastic visit. Just being in the crowds and seeing so many patriotic Canadians wearing their reds was well worth the trek. The vibe that you get from everyone you meet, and the way the city is all decked out in Canadian flags and signs of the Olympics was so awesome! I loved every minute of it. 

The flame is behind my shoulder - but the chain link is blocking the view just slightly.

If you were thinking of going over - I would do it! DO IT!!! This is a once and a life time opportunity - there are a ton of things to do. We opted for not standing in lines to visit anything - only b/c it was our only visit and the weather outside was so gorgeous we didn't want to be inside. If you do go over, just be mindful, VERY mindful (if you are needing to get off the island) of your travels. The ferries can be a bit of a nightmare if you're not prepared. I did the PCL - and it was WELL worth it.

I haven't cooked anything. Seriously. I haven't even been in the kitchen. The closest that I have come is buying three cooking magazines. I know. I did, however, do a much needed grocery shop today - and have stocked the fridge with some delicious fruits and vegetables, and lots of different meats - so that I have no excuses but to cook up a bunch of different storms. I have, as always, a bunch of different recipes to try. And I have some time saving recipes - otherwise known as Fast Food - simple but delicious recipes that allow you to make them quickly and enjoy them faster.  Stay tuned. 

I snapped these in my crisper - loved the look of them.
I am trying to start an apple addiction - here we have: organic Braeburns and Ambrosias. And Pink Ladies and Honeycrisps.

Ok - if you are reading this - please sign off - and turn on the Olympics - our Canadian dance pair is about to win gold!



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