Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I wanted to mention that I have added a very handy 'Search' feature to the blog. It's just above - see - very convenient. So you can type in anything that you are looking for - or a recipe that you wanted to try using a key ingredient - and it will bring up a bunch of choices. It has been really helpful for me - and I just started using it!


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Lori "down in the boon docks" hahah said...

Hey "Cherl" :)....J. told me last night the big news about your engagement and passed along your blog info....Congrats old friend!!(i mean old as in a friend over the years hahaha:)lol.... Now want i wanted to say is this: CRIS is the lucky one in all of this-i have no doubt-you are one amazing catch and he is going to be one lucky guy for the rest of his life!! I rememeber when J. used to say--i wish Cheryl was a guy--then i would marry her--she is like perfect :) Yep, you are exceptional--always lots of laughter and tender moments...i am sure if Cris had got to share --he would say the same thing! Hey how about that? Maybe he can be a guest speaker for the day on your blog? :) Okay - i must get back to work--but i thought i would drop a note offering my best wishes to you both, it is a beautiful thing...jump in and enjoy it :)....Much Love, Lori F. xoxox