Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White turnips are dee-lish-us. Who knew?

What is one good thing that happened to you today, and one bad thing. My friend, Beth (of the guest chef series) asked me that towards the end of the work day. I thought that it was a great question - something to think about. 

My answers: 
Bad - Chris and I found out today that a very dear friend, a woman that we both love so much, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The news is devastating. Max has known us for over 12 years. She has been such a great friend to Chris - and Chris loves her so. Chris spoke with her today - her spirits are high and she knows that she has an army on her side. Chris and I are part of that army and we will do whatever we can to help her through this. 

Breast cancer is a terrible disease, and we as woman need to do whatever we can do to try and prevent this disease from finding it's way into our bodies. I can't lecture anyone - I am in no position - but I hope that stories like this can remind us lovely ladies, of the importance of self breast exams and regular mammograms. 

Good - there is a good. When I thought of what could be good when I learned such sad news - I thought of my friends. I have wonderful friends. WONDERFUL. I am blessed to have so many incredible women in my life; Jocelyn, Margo, Nancy, Debbie, Maegan, Tracy, Beth, Steph, Shannon, Micki, Barb, my mom, Auntie Barb (and there are more, many more). All of these women give me so much - I hope that they know that.

So we all have good and bad things that happen throughout every day. I hope that in some way that the good can always help you cope with the bad. I'd love to know what happened to you today - good or bad - or both. Share. 

Alright - I have broke my cooking hiatus. I promise that C. Mitchell is still presenting dinner - we were just on a small MIA from the kitchen. I found the kitchen tonight and made, what I think that I am calling, my new Signature Dish. I was thinking of that earlier this evening - what is a signature dish? I think that it is a dish that I will make over and over again - and switch it up a bit - depending on ingredients, time and my cooking mood.

This is what I made for dinner tonight. I just made it differently. I did the rice in the rice cooker - and in a large pan - I sauteed an onion, added sliced chicken and garlic and then a can of coconut milk. Then added 3 peppers - red, yellow and green, brown button mushrooms, broccoli, and turnip tops (see below). 

For the spice - I added soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, hot sauce and fresh ground pepper. Towards the end, I added 2 1/2 tsp of cornstarch to a small bowl, then added some of the sauce and whisked it together and then added this back to the main dish. Stirred it all together to thicken the sauce slightly. This was an easy dish. Fast food

I bought some lovely, local white turnips at the Root Cellar this week. I hadn't seen them before - I thought that they looked similar to beets. The colour of these little jewels is glorious and their green leaves, oh so lush. I added the tops to the stir fry - and they were delicious. Very similar to spinach. What I did with the white jewels - pure goodness.

Mashed White Turnips

Cut the turnips in half. Place them in a pot of water, and boil until softened. Drain and return to the pot. With a potato masher, mash the turnips. Add 1 tbsp of butter, a pinch of kosher salt and mash to cream them as much as you can. Add freshly grated parmesan cheese (about 2-3 tbsp) and fresh chives. 

And that's it. Trust me - this was delicious. The texture, with the butter and cheese, was creamy and silky, and the flavour of the chives, gave it a flavour boost and made the dish beautiful.


The only thing wrong, was that there wasn't enough.

My running career is going strong. Oh my. Last night we did 3 and 2. We got to run with the Olympic torch - each member got to carry it for about 1 minute. I ran with the torch! Very exciting. Tomorrow night's run will be a hard one - I think that we are up to 4 and 1. I know that I can do it - but I will struggle. I will run with my shoulders high - and try and remind myself over and over to relax them. I will struggle with my breathing - and remind myself that I can do it and it will get easier. I will struggle with praying that the whistle will blow so that I can walk. And in the end - I will have ran/walk about 6-7 K - and revel in my glory of one more night of running done.

Alright - I am off to spend the rest of this night - what is left of it - on my Royal Canadian - except for the time I need to switch over the laundry, heat up my Fiance's dinner and prep for tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is a new day - I will embrace it and welcome what it has to offer.




Anonymous said...

Hello loveee.... first, so very sorry to hear about your friend. It's really sad that this happens to those closest to us, but do have faith that when surrounded by those you love anything is possible. Stay strong sista. xxo

I read through your turnip fiasco and I've never made them fancy like that before. I'm betting that Chris gave them 'this is the best thing EVER' rating. Maybe I can finally trick Jaden into eating them.. that would be amazing! And if he doesnt eat them, I'll just spank him.
is this getting published?? oh shi%...

Well, I'm going to be sure to read more of for this C mitchell. You're a good writer hunny and an incredible cook. I will pay you to bring me lunch. just sayin...

Jess, over and out.
PS: Busted...I better be on the many many more friends list or you're dead to me.

Steph said...


You know what would have been really delicious in that coconut milk deliciousness?????


If they still have those big bags of them at Fairway this weekend I will bring you some on Monday.