Monday, February 8, 2010

When things are rough - drink chocolate milk. No?

Somedays when stuff happens - you just have to make faces like this. 
"What the he77 just happened?"

Sigh - not sure if that is because the weekend is over and it was a 'weekend like no other' or if it is because it is the start of the week and this next weekend can't come soon enough. 

I am not going to get into details, my family and I are all well - we love and are loved - but there has been a crisis within our small group of friends - one that cannot be fixed and one that has changed our friendships forever. 

Another crisis - my bank account was compromised and someone took $400 out on Saturday night. Thankfully Chris keeps a very close eye on this sort of thing. He likes to think of himself as my very own 'Bank Account Security Team'. I had to go to the bank today after work and get it sorted and there were a ton of people in the lineup - almost everyone there for the same reason. I think that it must have been a huge hit, b/c people at work were affected or knew of people affected. I am dying to know what store(s) had the device that copied my account info. I really need to get into the habit of using cash. But... when I have cash in my pocket it seems to burn a hole. Very fast. 

And one other crisis. I am pretty sure that Magnum 'relieved' himself all over the spare bedroom duvet yesterday. When we asked him if it was him - he did a lot of looking away. Can you believe it? He has also upped his game of chasing bikes passing by - to cars! Tonight - he almost got hit. He was on a leash. And it was scary. Not sure how to break him of this - but something needs to be done.

The main attraction of the weekend was Super Bowl Sunday. (PS I just finished a glass of chocolate milk - way to fast (similar to what happens when I have cash in my pocket) - Chris brought it home yesterday and I tried to stay away from it - good luck with that). Our little party went on. I had a hiccup during the day - so my plans to have a few decorations and goody bags fell through. The moral of that story is 'don't put off today what you can't do tomorrow'. We had a great time. We had the party in our Sweet B. We got to meet Connor's girlfriend - Abby - for the first time. She is lovely. I still can't believe that he has a GF, but I am glad that it is her and not some of these other 14 year old young ladies that I have seen.  I did a pretty big spread of just appy's - and I will show you all of them now - but I don't have the time and energy to post the recipes. Don't worry I will be sharing them - b/c they were delicious!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip with homemade pita chips - Dear Jeannie, it was so good and SO easy.

Pizza dip with breadsticks

Potato skins - they look like a cheesy globby mess - but they were delicious!

Wonton cups with roasted vegetables

Cake-pop - like a lollipop - seriously I'm not lying, these were delicious.

My attempt at footballs - I didn't care what they looked like - there were delicious.

It was a good day. And in the end, a day that reminded me just how lucky and blessed I am to have family around - family that I want to spend time with - and family that I love so much. It reminded me that I am very blessed to have a great partner - and although he drives me a bit crazy - he is the one that I am with - and I love him so. And it reminded me that there is one thing that you should be in life - a good friend. There are times when a friend is going to need you - so letting the friends you love know that you are there for them - is important.

Some of my favourite quotes from the evening:
"Hit Him!!!!!!!" - Jules re: Saints player should be tackling a Colts player
"Chris you're going to make me wet my pants" - Debbie - Chris was probably doing something inappropriate that was making my sister laugh
"I am saving room for the chicken wings" - Callum - he wouldn't eat anything but the Doritos that were put out first b/c he wanted to only eat chicken wings - and he did
"AaAa - you should totally become a chef at Moxie's" - Connor - as he was leaving b/c he always likes a dinner at my house - see!!!! So cute.
"Is there anything that I can help you with" - Abby - nice!!!! She asked if she could help with anything - what 14 year old girls do that. :)
"Oh god, Chocolate milk" - me.

Alright I will leave you with that. Valentine's Day is coming up. Any suggestions on what I should be getting my sweetheart? 



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