Sunday, March 14, 2010

Challenges all around!

Do you ever catch yourself doing something during the day, that you didn't realize that you love doing so much until you're fully in it? That happened to me today - I was rocking out to Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon - and just felt so great - it was such a great reminder of how much music can boost your spirits. And then I remembered how much I like to 'belt' out the lyrics, and think that I probably should have been a singer or a back up singer (and then I remember that I need to have the voice of an angel). I have my moves down pat, almost all of the words - and my kitchen is my stage. I am pretty sure that my neighbours have had to listen to more than one concert. It could be worse, right? :) Anyways - I just love catching myself doing something and remembering how great life is.

This weekend has been a good one. Yesterday was Tracy's 'surprise' wedding shower. For weeks she has been trying to trick me to see if I had anything on yesterday - it didn't work - and it turned out to be a great surprise for her. Her mom hosted a lovely shower - it was really great to see how surprised and grateful Tracy was and eat a bunch of delicious treats. I love wedding and baby shower food. Remember the movie 'Wedding Crashers'? - I could do a movie called 'Wedding Shower Crashers' - and it would be me going around the town crashing wedding showers and eating all the goodies. Who's with me? Hello? Anyone? 

This morning - I was up bright and early - literally. I made a batch of THESE blueberry muffins. They turned out really well - and I felt as though I could have eaten them all. But, then I remembered, that eating 6 large muffins is not attractive, and that I needed to share them with Chris. So instead, I just had one. 

After my muffin - I strapped on the New Balance - and went on a run. Yes, you read that right. I am pretty proud of how I did. My watch was set to 5 min run and 1 min walk intervals - only b/c I don't know how to change it - but it was a good pace for me. I ended up doing 8 intervals - had set out to do 7, but b/c I wasn't home - I decided to keep going. I was out for about 47 mins and think that I ran over 5 K. It was a lovely morning. I like watching the other runners - the hardcore runners seem to look straight ahead and are so serious. But everyone once in awhile I see someone who runs with 'my style' and we say 'hi' and give an encouraging look. We all need a little encouragement along the way - whatever that is to us - it always seems to help a bit.

Tomorrow, Chris and I are starting a week long challenge. It's going to be a challenge where we only eat salads. Ok, that was how the discussion first started out, but I have changed it to protein and vegetables - so whatever that turns out like. I have stocked the fridge with a bunch of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables and a bunch of healthy protein. I bought some fresh halibut and salmon (PS - Thrifty's has some great seafood deals on this week). So each night will be a new recipe with exciting and delicious flavours. I am excited about this. I will still eat my oatmeal for breakfast and a snack (healthy one) and our main meal and lunch will be the meat and veg. I think that it will be easy - I will just need to make sure that we are organized and prepared for dinner. Stay tuned for some new recipes. 

Since this 'self challenge' doesn't start until tomorrow - I made a big batch of pasta for dinner - similar to THIS - but maybe not as healthy. I used whole wheat linguine instead of fettucini, and it was fabulous!! So... I have a bit of this for my lunch tomorrow - so technically, the challenge will start tomorrow night. 

Well, my friends, that is it for me this evening. I am feeling exhilarated after a great weekend, feel rested, and I am ready to tackle another week. Before I go to bed, I feel the need to pillage through the cupboards in search of chocolate. Dang, I don't think that there is any - but that will not stop me from looking.

Have a good night - and a fab week!



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