Monday, March 8, 2010

From thyme to time

I have a fun story. Last week at Sole Sisters - Mena called me up to the front of the group (approx. about 130 ladies)  and was trying to get me to relax my shoulders. She was getting the group to agree with her (at least I hope she was) that my shoulders weren't relaxed and one was higher than the other. 

At the time of this happening - I was horrified b/c I had the 'rash' and my face was red and blotchy and I do have one shoulder a bit higher than the other. 

Then Mena said that my left shoulder was lower than my right and made me hold up my left hand and show my ring off. I 'finally' realized what she was up to. Sneaky Mena. She let the group know that I was recently engaged - I felt a 'bit' like a rock star - just sayin'. Then she presented me with a brand new Timex watch. A new watch!!! I never win anything. It was donated by one of the Soul Sisters who owns Watch It in Mayfair Mall.

How generous!!!! So... the thing is... I had just bought almost the exact same watch the weekend before. I finally broke down after over a year and treated myself to a great watch that would help me get out and run on my own. It worked. I ran last Saturday on my own. And then again in my race on Sunday. 

Now, because I have two, and I don't really need two, I want one of you to have this watch. This is a great watch! It allows you to set intervals, it has an alarm, a light (and that's pretty much all that I know how to use at this time). Since it is the same watch that I bought, I know that it is valued at around 85 bones (that's cool talk for dollars).

Here's what you need to do:

Leave me a comment telling me what inspires you when you are doing something difficult? 

It can be anything - it can be anything from cleaning the bathroom to not eating chocolate ice cream. 

Have fun with it. I am looking forward to hearing all of your inspirational stories - because frankly, I am always looking for inspiration. 

Chris will randomly pick a name on Friday evening - winner will be announced then, so please enter before Friday at noon.

Good luck!




Jenny said...

I've been eyeing that watch for awhile....
My goal is to start my running program April 1st...the next 3 weeks is beyond crazy busy, and after the first of April I have 3 weeks of just a tests, no homework, no papers...paradise city girlfriend!!
What inspires me?...hmmm....
well that's changed a lot the past couple of years. If anyone knows me I usually start a million things and never fall through with anything. When I started my running progam two years ago, I started and finished it...barely. After my dad died, as odd as this may sound, I felt inspired. I saw how precarious life is. In one minute everything you love with all of your heart could be taken away from you. I knew that I wanted to be a nurse,so I felt that I needed to do this, for me and my dad. It's been a tough program but whenever I feel like it's overwhelming, I think of my dad and how I need to finish what I start, follow my dreams and make the most of the good and bad times.
~~~~ fellow nursing pals were quite smitten with the sweet and sour meatballs...I brought them in a sample...:)

Laura said...

Hey Cheryl! First of all congratulations on your engagement. It was fun to read about that.

Okay let's see what inspires me...I'd have to say other people and their successes. I always find that so motivating.

I'm just working up to a run but so far it's just a pretty slow jog :)

Beth said...

Ooooh, that's a nice watch. It might just encourage me to try something new, exercise-wise. :)

(Also, I LOVE that you're giving it away, as a prize, rather than selling it, keeping an extra, returning one etc...very cool of you.)

Ok..."what inspires you when you are doing something difficult?"

Honestly, other people and their struggles is the biggest one. At my biggest, I had 116 lbs to lose, a number that felt so oppressive and enormous and overwhelming that it was tempting to sit down at the bottom of it, rip open a bag of chips, shrug, and give up.

It's been very, very slow for me, as you know, but I've now got 82 lbs to lose, and that number, while still overwhelming some days, seems possible. Like if I put my glasses on, and squint, and lean forward, and maybe borrow a friend's binoculars, I can see a tiiiiiiny black speck on the horizon that just might be success. Which means that all I have to do is keep walking, and I'll get there. Sooner or later, watching it get closer all the time.

I picture contestants on the Biggest Loser. People who cry with relief when they get DOWN to my current weight after sweating and working and struggling and battling and exerting every inch of the way. People with health problems I've never imagined. I hear your voice in my head - "I can do it. I will do it. I'm doing it." I remember something my mom said to me once. I was so tired, so beaten down, so sad and weary and afraid, and I said "God, Mum....the doctor said that with this condition, and even with the medication, to do it right, and healthfully and permanently, this weight could take me FOUR YEARS to lose. How can I face that? Four years is too long."

And she said, as lovingly as possible, "Sweetheart - four years is coming no matter what. Time passes, and faster than you think. It's up to you what you do during that time."

So, I guess those are the things that inspire me most. Focusing on what I have going for me, where I'm lucky, what I CAN do, and letting the rest fade away. And the voices and words and support of people who love me.

(also, tell Chris if he doesn't pick my name, it's sack-punchin' time.)

Margot said...

What inspires me? You do.

I know Leaders are supposed to inspire Sisters, but I am sure we are the ones who feel most inspired :)

I already have a watch too, but I needed you to know that :)


PS - Chris is a lucky guy

Julie Fuller said...

My inspiration during difficult times has to be my mom. During her fight with ovarian cancer, she would never get down (or at least show anyone)...she would comment on how there are so many people worse off than she was. She never gave up and was an inspiration to all who knew her.

So here I am, 8 years later -- kids are growing up (4, 6, 9) and I decided THIS is the year that I will finally run that 10k I've always dreamed of running. I've always had excuses not to start: the kids take up all my time, my diabetes will make it more difficult, and the list goes on. But I knew when I emailed my neighbours asking them to join Soul Sisters with me, that I could do this. And I am. There are days when I just don't want to do it. But my inspiration is always there within me and when I cross that finish line in April, I will be running for my mom and the strength she gave me when she fought cancer.

Time passes us by so we have to make the most of it. This running clinic is the highlight of my week and I'm so glad I joined it, and am able to meet new people and hear their stories. And... congratulations on your recent engagement Cheryl!!!

Michelle C said...

So I am new to this whole running thing this year, and when reading all your post I have so many of the same thoughts that you share on your blog, I am not fast enough and I feel I am holdin back my group with the loop backs. I come home so many nights and tell my husband I am not going to be able to do it, an he tells me yes you can and reminds me why I joined sole sister's in the first place and just those simply words I am ready to try again.
and Sunday running my first 5k race wow what a feeling coming across that finsh line I mean yeah I wish I ran more then I walked but I can say I did it, I didn't give up and thats all that matters, and next time my time will get better. when I came around the last coner and seeing all the sole sisters and mena running to me saying you are doing great, and cheering wow made me feel so strong and that I really could do anyting, and that is truly priceless.
but the real thing you wanting to know is what inspires me, well that for me is simply my 6 year old son insires me, my son has had a hard start to is life he has been ill since birth and has to spend alot of time in hospital, and he is always so happy and just loves life he blows me away daily, I mean I would me mad and give up and he never has, so when I wanna give up I think of him and I feel wow I can do anything. And on week 3 with the clinic he was in hospital and I didn't wanna leave to go running and my son said mommy go, you have to do your homework, cause we are gonna race soon so I got ready and hit the road running and it felt so good to clear my mind and have 45 mins to me, when most of the time I don't leave the hospital at all. And I guess in away to I can say mena inspires me I mean she has so much on the go with her family as well and she takes that time to run, and in so many ways she has showed me its ok, to take that me time and run!!! and the last 7 weeks has really inspired me and truly changed my life and that means the world to me. And I think will inspire me for years to come!
ok well thank you for taking the time to read what inspires me I hoped you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cheryl!

I just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement!Mena really did get you when she brought you up to the front! :)

Now, for my inspiration...This is my second year in Mena's run clinic, and I have also had my share of personal struggles to keep pushing myself through each run. Last year, I was battling through a knee injury that occured during soccer (my other hobby) and was devastated that I couldn't play soccer for the remainder of the season. After a few months of healing, and lots of being lazy, I decided that I needed to transform my couch-potatoe habits into something more productive. I joined Mena's run clinic not knowing what to expect, and what a surpise it was! My motivation was all of the women in the clinic, all working towards the same goal...running or walking the 10K. We all were at different levels, and it didn't matter. I found myself at the back of my group most of the time, but I always had the support of all the sisters who encouraged me to keep going. Sometimes I felt like I didn't want to listen to their encouragement because I felt like I just couldn't do it. In the end though, when we did our practice 10K I ran almost the entire thing without stopping! I had never run that distance in my life, and I realized, that the reason I had made it this far was because of all the support from the sisters who encouraged me to never give up!

I guess the moral of my story is, no matter your personal struggles, the key is to never give up. Even when you're at the back, you're still making progress. The sisters helped me realize that, and that is why they're my inspiration! You go girl! I KNOW you can do it!


A Sole Sister said...
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Tracy said...

hi friend, I have to say that at first, I thought the question was an easy one but as I started to really seriously think about what exactly inspires me... I just couldn't figure it out. I think I couldn't pinpoint my answer at first because I was trying to find that ONE thing that inspires me and what I realize now is that different things inspire me in different ways.

Emma inspires me, she's so open and fun and happy and willing to try new things and her enthusiasm is catching and inspires me to do things I may not have thought possible.

Jonathon inspires me. He's always giving me that extra push to get myself out there, my art, my photography and that is inspiring. He never gives up and follows through on everything and that's inspiring as I'm great at starting things but the finishing is what I have trouble with.

There are other things that inspire me as well though. Like music. seriously I kid you not. If I listen to the right song it can uplift my mood and make me head outside for a run. It motivates me which I have come to realize is another form of inspiration.

and my friend, You have inspired me. You are creating this great opportunity for someone to win such a great gift! I hope the person that wins it, needs it and will find inspiration in it! Because of this great possibility that you've provided I will follow suit. I'm going to have a give away as well! I was going to sell my tripod as I have a new one but because of your fabulous inspiration I am going to give it away :) Give me an hour or so and the blog post will be up on my site, including pictures. I invite of all your readers to stop by and try and win it!!! It's not the fanciest tripod out there and it has been in use for about 1 year now but I hope there's someone out there who would really enjoy it!! My site is: and hopefully by around 7:30pm tonight my post will be up.

Thanks for the inspiration my friend!!!!

Tracy xo

Cuzzie Margo said...

i would like to comment on your blog

1) your hubby is right....we need people like that in our lives, we need people who inspire us and who love us no matter what. they may be circling back in the running group for you, but don't forget in other areas of your life you are circling back to pick up people too. we could all use a little more help from each other. what is so awesome is that you are out there doing it...don't forget that

2) i would like to nominate my sister for the watch.....mostly because if she asks me one more time "what time is it" i am going to lose it.

what inspires me......i have no idea how to answer that.

sometimes when i am down or need to push forward i think about the big picture...where am i going, where is this taking me, why am i doing this....sometimes it helps me through other times it makes me call my husband and get him to pick up coronas on the way home

love you lots

Donna R said...

What inspires me? My son mostly. As most mom's can attest, children tend to do that. But, with regard to running...

The easy answer is that my 40th birthday is coming up and I want to cross the 10K finish line to prove to myself that I can. I often joke that in school I got A's in everything and C-'s in PE, running for me though was completely defeating. This is what motivated me to join the clinic, as crossing the finish line will be somewhat like conquering a beast that has haunted me for a long time, but it's not what keeps me going when I'm actually out there.

When I'm running I need to focus on very short term goals; the sense of accomplishment I will have when I run up the entire hill; how proud of myself I will be when I don't stop until the whistle blows; how good I will feel when it's over! I try to be positive and think "will and when", and not "if" to keep me going. When I don't focus on the very short term I seem to lose faith in my ability.

I have also found it very inspiring that we're all out doing this together. So many women, so many amazing stories! Now I'm inspired more than ever.