Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Command Central - or - dinner alone. Dinner with the laptop. 

I was just thinking, as I was making dinner - that I did a pretty 'heavy' blog post last week and then didn't write again for almost a week. Balance - was lacking in my life. I am not sure what has happened - it's probably just the sun, moon and the stars, but I am feeling a little more 'even' this week. A chaotic household just makes me get overwhelmed. 

I loved the comments that my friends left. It meant a lot to me. I appreciate them sharing their stories, and accepting mine. I love that as women, we can relate. We can relate to one another - share what is important and help us put things in perspective. I feel blessed.

Let's talk about last night's run shall we. Actually, I am not sure if it can be called a run. I think that it could be referred to as a 'mountain climb'. Oh my, that Mena got us good. It was a struggle. I didn't run up the hills - I did a bit - and then just tried to hold myself together and walk up gracefully. Oh I hope I looked graceful.

Mena shared stories with us last night. I was listening to her opening her heart and sharing her life - and I had a thought. A moment. I thought about how I am always struggling with my speed, my breathing, my endurance and I thought how things could be so much worse. I know that my friends and family are always saying 'who cares - you are out there doing it' - and as much as I hear it and I know that it is true - but I just can't allow myself to accept that. But last night, something just sort of hit me - and that I know that I just have to do what I can do. I am running - I am getting healthy - I am spending time with a wonderful group of women and doing what needs to be done. I am improving week to week. I will continue to improve - and I will take each step, each week, each hill in stride. 

I can do it. I will do it. I am doing it. 

A tasty bowl of pasta - with lots of fresh parmesan. 

Tonight I made a batch of spaghetti sauce with lots of peppers, onion, garlic and mushrooms. I made a special treat for Chris to go with the sauce - Bison meatballs. I found a small pack of ground turkey so made a few meatballs for myself. I served it all up with a batch of whole wheat linguine. 

And here it is all mixed up. I like to eat my pasta with a spoon and fork - my grandma taught me that. I always feel very eye-talian. She used to pronounce 'Italian' with an 'eye'.

I am not going to post the recipe for meatballs - if you are interested - check out the meatball recipe HERE. I found this posting ironic - it was my first running clinic night that I talked about.

Chris pronounces 'Bison' like - bye-zun. Our friend Chrissy, says that Magnum has bison eyes. I say 'By-sun' - so we like to debate how to pronounce the word. I know - we are CRAZY. Hey - party animals. Anyways - our little guy has the cutest eyes - and I am glad that he isn't a Bison - he would be hard to clean up after. 

I am getting geared up for a great weekend. I love this weekend - I love Easter - and I love having 4 days off. We are having dinner at our house on Saturday night - Easter Eve - I have not yet confirmed the menu - but I know that I will be making a layered salad that Mrs. Sherstan (family friend) used to make each year. I will probably make mashed potatoes, probably another salad and then a special surprise for my mom. I can't say b/c she is probably reading this as she is running her bath (you're funny mom) and I want her to be excited when she sees it. I am also going to make my usual bird's nest cupcakes - I will try to make them in advance so you can see them and make them for your Easter dinner too.

Alright friends. Thanks for stopping by. 



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