Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life is Grand!

Hi friends. I can't believe that I haven't written since Wednesday. I kid you not - I haven't even had an opportunity to. Life sure has been busy this last week - and I kind of think that it's going to be like this for the next little while. What have I been doing? Well... Friday night, Chris and I went to The Keg for dinner - we did the Dine Around menu - and it was delicious. We haven't been to The Keg in years - and we were pleasantly surprised. One of the appy's that we shared was a warmed goat cheese - I will be trying to replicate that in the next little while - it was heavenly.

Saturday - up and at 'em early. I needed to find something to wear to Tina and Darrell's wedding later that day. In the end I picked up a little jacket to wear with a skirt and top that I already had. I am pretty sure that I looked like I was going to a business meeting. Damn. I hate it when I am not prepared for events like that. Chris looked amazing. Here is the shirt and tie combo that I picked up for him. 

The wedding was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. It was small - 20 people - family and close friends. We felt very honoured to have been invited. Tina was gorgeous. Her dress, hair and overall aura was incredible. Darrell was very handsome. And their little son, Owen, was adorable. He had a little suit, and it was oh so cute. They had the ceremony on the balcony of their Penthouse suite at the Westin overlooking the Bear Mountain Golf Course - it was so beautiful. The setting, the peace and the entire ceremony was so perfect. The dinner was delicious and plated so beautifully. Tina did such a beautiful job with the decorating - it really was just perfect. 

Sunday - today - I started the day way with a 5 k race. I started out strong, and by my 3rd interval (I was doing 5 min run 1 min walk - first time for that this week) I got a bit slow and had to walk a bit longer. I walked a bit longer on a few other spots - but in the end ran to the finish line. Mena - ran out to encourage the runners coming in - when she got to me - she turned and ran with me. She was so encouraging - it made me so emotional - and like I said last week - it takes up so much more energy to run when you are crying. I had to suck it up - and not cry. I ended up running - trying to hold back tears - and not pass out. I managed to only do the first. I wasn't crying because I thought I was dying. I wasn't crying because Mena was running at her 'slow pace' and I had to try and keep up. And I wasn't crying because I wanted to still be in bed. I was crying because I wish that I could do better. I was crying because I have such a hard time people giving me encouragement and telling me kind things that might actually be true. Oh my. Sigh.

And for of an exciting Sunday - it's Debbie's birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE!!! Jules and I took her for lunch. We ate a sensible lunch - and then pigged out on dessert - it was so worth it.

And now for this Sunday night - I am sitting on my Royal Canadian. I made a big batch of Comfort Food for dinner tonight. It was delicious! And there is enough for dinner for tomorrow night - which to me is perfect.

I hope that you are all well. 



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