Thursday, March 18, 2010

Run like the wind.

Well helllooooo. I got home about an hour ago - and I am still pumped. I went for a run on my own - tackled the 6 min run 1 min walk. I talked myself into this run all day long. I have decided to 'boycott' my Thursday night run club. I am not quitting it - I just feel that I will do better on my own. And I think that I did tonight.

The view on my run.

I am getting over the head games, the psychological wall that I build, and I am getting better at just focusing on one foot in front of the other. I know this b/c I don't look at my watch to see that I have only ran for 30 seconds - I am able to get to about half way and even go past that mark. I am able to make it up a hill - and if I don't and I need to stop, I only allow myself to stop for a couple of seconds and make myself start up again. When I only have 2 minutes left and I feel like my thighs will turn into cement - I tell myself that 2 minutes is less than 'Just Breath' by Pearl Jam so I try and sing it to myself. And then I realize that it is impossible for legs to turn into cement and that makes me feel better. If you have heard of this happening, please report. 

Trestle: my mid-way point
I always whine about how slow I am. As I was running tonight I saw my shadow and thought - pick it up girl. At one point I thought I heard someone yelling from afar 'Hey, standstill runner!!!' - and then I realized it was just me coming up with nicknames for myself. I came home and shared this with Chris - and he said what I have heard before - who cares, you are out there, you are doing it, and if people want to judge, then let them. He's right. He also tells me to 'run like the wind' every time before I head out. When he first started saying that, I thought he meant 'run with the wind' b/c he knew I was slow and this would speed me up. JUST KIDDING! Wheeewww - I am trying to be funny. 

On the trestle - beautiful view

Tonight as I was running - I passed a couple of other runners - both times we sort of glanced at each other and smiled. And then I clapped for them and said 'Good job!' - and I think that they were surprised - and then they said the same thing back. We all need encouragement - in whatever way we can give and take it. That is what my 'sisters' have told me. I love them for that.

My last interval stopped just as I got off the Goose - so I made myself run home. If my neighbours were watching they would have seen a red-faced, ponytailed 'lady' running down the street, clapping for herself. Oh what a show. :)
PS - the pics are of my morning commute that I took a couple of years ago on my walk to work. It's beautiful and peaceful.

After a great run - Chris and I had a delicious Caesar Salad for dinner. Very much like this ONE. I cut the chicken up into small pieces this time, sauteed it with a couple of garlic cloves and some oregano. It was lovely. I am undecided about what I will make tomorrow - but I have a big, crisp head lettuce and some ground turkey - so I may make lettuce wraps. Yumma. Since this program is working so well, and it has been so easy to prepare and be organized, I think that we will keep this going for awhile. I am craving barley - so I may take a break on the weekend and make Barley Risotto. If you want to make it with me - check it out here. I love it and haven't had it in quite some time.

So... I am ending this day very happy. Christoff and I are home watching the hockey game together, eating dinner together and just hangin'. Life is grand. The weekend is among us - oh let it be good to all of you. You all deserve it.



PS - Jozie slept through the night last night. That tricky pup must have read my blog. :)

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Pilar said...

Cheryl! I saw you this morning around 9:45 ish running through a rainy morning! I wish I could have yelled something NICE to you but the car moved too fast! You have no idea how good it made me feel for you to see you running like that! Such an inspiration! Laura was like oh wow Cheryl is looking goood! And I was like dontchu be looking at other woman! - haha!Just kidding! But right now in about 15 min we will be going out for a run... 1 min run 2 min... I gotta start somewhere... !! Thank you! I can do this!