Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Run to the hills, run for your lives.

Hello friends.

Welcome new friends.

It's been a good day. A good day that has ended well too.

I ran for my life tonight. I did a bit more walking than I would have liked to - but in the end we were out for about 6.5 K which is a good haul. 

I am sure that you are all tired of hearing about my challenges - my battle with myself - my fight with my speed - and my overall struggles. I know that I am not alone - and I know that I am being too hard on myself. I know that I could be sitting on my Royal Canadian eating bonbons - and instead I am out giving what I can give. I do think that I am giving 85% - and I think that the other 15% is the part that is telling me that I am not good enough, strong enough or fast enough. 

If it weren't from the leaders of my running group, and my good friend Maegan and the other ladies in the group - I probably wouldn't make it. 

I think that we all have 'demons' - and I think that we can overcome anything that we want to. I think that we need to figure out what those demons are - and when they strap themselves onto our backs as we are pushing our way up a hill - and squish them. If it's too hard to physically crush them with your hands b/c you are pumping your arms to give you momentum - then visualize them falling off and you squishing them with your 'oh so' powerful running shoes.

When Chris got home tonight, he asked me how the run was. I told him that it was ok - pretty much the usual: I am slow; I feel so bad that my group has to loop back for me; I just am struggling. And then I said that I have such a hard time with people giving me words of encouragement and helping me get through - and he said the best thing. He said - you need those words - we all do - and because you are who you are - you know that you can pass those words on to others. That's why I'm marrying him :)

Ok friends - don't forget the C. Mitchell Presents - GIVEAWAY!! It's a good'n. Jenny has left the first comment - and it means a lot to me. She is special and so is her inspiration.

Now - I know that this is supposed to be a cooking blog - but I just have been out of the kitchen. Our Comfort Food lasted for a couple of days - which is a huge treat. 

Alright friends - I hope that your day was full of inspiration.



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Beth said...

"you need those words - we all do - and because you are who you are - you know that you can pass those words on to others"

Damn right. That's you all over - you've never failed to be encouraging, supporting and loving to a friend that needed it, including me. You should hold your head high and be proud of who you are, and what you're capable of, and how much stronger you're getting every day. <3