Monday, April 12, 2010

Home is where the heart is? I think...

Home Sweet Home! Home Sweet Home, but missing our weekend home. We are just home - and we had the best weekend. I am just looking at all of our pics - and I miss my nieces and nephew so much. We had such a great time hanging out with them, shuttling them around to their activities, playing with them, listening to their stories, watching their faces light up to just about anything... it was just so great.

My youngest niece, is the most lovely little sweet angel. We just love her to bits. She was so good - a 15 month little baby who doesn't really know us - and she was so good - she just was incredible. And she LOVED Chris. And he loved her too :)

My other niece and nephew were so great too. So fun! They just are full of life. They were so good too. I think that they really had a fun time with us - they too loved Chris - loved using him as a jungle gym and gave him a new name of 'Mr. Cut-in-half'. My nephew thought that is what he said his last name was. So darn cute!!!

We were there for two nights on our own with the kidlets - and it was a lot of work. Good work though. We loved it. I had a little time (not a lot b/c I was super busy - 3 kids people!!!)  to think about how hard work it is taking care of little ones. I can't even explain how much love and respect I have for all of the mothers that I know. I find it amazing that someone can take care of one, or two, or three or twelve children everyday - unselfishly, wanting the best for their children and giving them everything that they can. 

I am not a mom. I hope to be some day. I loved this weekend and having the little ones to hang out with. Having the older wee'ins cuddle on my lap and just be. And having the wee baby snuggle in and rest her head on my shoulder. I can imagine how the never ending job of being a parent can be so worth it. Just to have them run up to you and give you a hug and be so happy to see you, or to have them fall asleep in your arms - is just unexplainable. It makes my heart hurt; in a good way. 

Summerland is lovely. My brother and SIL's place is gorgeous. I am really wanting to move there. Like, badly. But, my fiance is not interested. I am trying to convince Chris that he would love it there. We could be surrounded by amazing lakes, wine, beautiful landscapes, small towns, fresh produce, beautiful weather, family... who wouldn't want to move there????  

Here are a few photos of our trip. 

Seriously? How cute is she???
Sweet Kobe!
Love this one.
Us out in the Cherry Orchard for a little stroll.
Miss Ballerina.

Although I am so happy to be home - happy to have our pups with us (PS - they were spoiled by Uncle David) I just can't help but wish that I was still in the land of Summer. 



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Hypoallergenic Challenge said...

Loved the pictures! They are so cute! sounds like a relaxing weekend.