Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is this really a food blog????

I sat down with my laptop when I got home from work today - normally I don't do that until dogs are walked, dinner is made and dishes are done - but this week, since Chris is on holidays he is walking the pups and making dinner. Anyways - I sat down in search of a wedding photographer, checking a few of my favourite sites, and I was thinking - I have a cooking blog and I haven't posted a recipe in forever. What's up with that? Well - a couple of things. After Easter dinner last Monday, I really haven't cooked much. When we were in Summerland we made pizzas on the Friday night and a whole wheat (kid friendly) pasta on the Saturday night. We did poached eggs and buttermilk pancakes for breakfasts. The kids were really good eaters, thankfully. I think that I will try and post some 'kid friendly' foods - healthy dishes - and post them someday soon. Is there anything that you are wanting your kids to eat - but they won't? Maybe I can help. (Please don't say liver)

So, I haven't cooked - but this weekend I plan to change that. I have a key lime pie recipe that I will make and post - and I think that we're having a crew in for the Saturday night Canucks game - and I think that I will make some sort of souvlakis - we'll have to see how those develop.

The babies stay so close to their mamas. I loved watching them.

On Monday, my brother took us to a Cattle Auction. If you never been to one before -  you should go. I love cows. Some of the big bulls were close to 2000 lbs. And there were wee babies with their mamas - and if I could I would have brought them home with me - and made them a little paradise in my backyard. I can just picture it though - my neighbours dogs would bark, my backyard neighbour would knock the fence down for them to come for a visit and they would get bored of my little yard and run away. Run away cows can't be a good thing.

Hello Baby. Stay near your mama. The babies sent to the homes with their mamas - they were never separated. 

So instead of bidding on one - I just watched and listened. The Auctioneers were so fun. They did a lot of 'heaybibida bibida heyohbitta' - which translated to something like 'we have a big bull, and we'll start the bidding at $.70 a pound'. They can talk so fast - and amazingly these ranchers, farmers knew what they were saying. In the midst of all the bruhaw - my brother and SIL bought two cows! TWO COWS!

Mama protecting her baby - and in much need of a good bath.

Now - if you are against cow meat - then please do not read this paragraph. I am not a red meat eater - but Chris loves it. My brother has purchased these cows so that he can feed his family - organically raised meat. Part of me is devastated by the process - and then part of me feels so much more comfortable knowing that the meat that they are raising is free of any thing that could potentially be so bad for you. I am not going to get attached to them the next time I go for a visit - I will probably pet them, and take pictures and probably try and feed them an apple and maybe even see if I can get a saddle on one of them or put a leash on one and go for a nice walk - BUT - I will not get attached.

Cow gang. 

So we are just home from a trip to Costco. This is what normal couples do during the week together - just hang out, I think. Right now Chris is cleaning the kitchen - and there is quite a bit of huffing and puffing b/c I am not helping him. Welcome to my Wednesday nights brotha.

Tomorrow night - Canucks vs. LA. Game 1 of the playoffs. Where your Canucks gear and cheer them on - unless you are going for LA and if you are - tsk tsk. :) It is also run 2 this week - I am going to do 3 this week and work on my head game. Dear Mind - please don't ruin my running career. 



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