Saturday, April 3, 2010

Magnum is home safe and sound.

Our boy is home - I could have taken pictures of him all night!

Our missing boy has been found. Magnum is home. He is home - safe and sound - and without any harm - well physical harm. He seems really good - he was very happy to see us - and seems really tired and is not letting us out of his sight. I hope that he is not thinking that we left him.

On Thursday night when I was out for a run, Chris took the dogs for a walk to our usual hike. They were approached by a couple with 3 big dogs. The dogs all greeted one another and were sniffing - and all of a sudden one of the big dogs picked up Magnum by the scruff of the neck and started whipping him around. The owner picked up his dog and flung him to the ground. Magnum was whimpering, ran off a bit but seemed ok. Then, one of the other dogs started running after him and chased him off. Chris turned and started running after him - and Magnum was gone. Completely out of sight.

Chris stayed for around a half an hour looking for him. He came home quickly, dropped off Jozie, grabbed our neighbour, gumboots and something to cut the branches as he walked through the trails. When I got home, there was a note that read 'Magnum is lost' - and then gave the spot where it all went down. 

We spent the night looking for him. We came home and got warm clothes - and stayed until about 11:30. Our friend was at the park the next morning at 5. We spent until about 1:30 on Friday - putting up posters and just walking around and calling. We were there again in the later afternoon for another walk. We decided that it didn't help us being there anymore. 

Not only was our little guy lost but we have the worst weather - the worst storms since 2006. It has been winter cold these past couple of days. 

This morning we received a call from the CRD - who I left more than one message - and they confirmed that he hadn't been found by them. He suggested that I call the Saanich Police non-emergency line. I did - and 5 minutes later I got a call from a police officer who had received a report from the day before of someone who had found a dog matching the same description in the same area. I knew right away that it was him. After a couple of hours and only two messages - we got a call from Mark who confirmed that he had our dog. I broke down. He was such a nice man - and was able to completely empathize b/c he had a dog too. 

After much anticipation - we picked him up this evening at 6:30. Mark and his girlfriend took very good care of him. He was bathed - b/c when they found him he was so dirty from running through all of the mud. They said that he had been trapped between a shrub and a fence. He had stayed out the first night of the brutal storm. They said that he was such a good boy - and Mark - a tall, strapping young man - said that he was missing him already. He was meant to be found by this couple - we are glad that it was them. 

We are just so happy that he is home. We are so relieved. We feel that we can rest - we have that secure feeling that life is back to normal. I know that some people may think that he is only a 'dog' - but he is more than that to us. He is a member of our family - and I can't even explain how scary and sad it was. I just knew that he would be found. I knew that he would be safely returned to us - but there was a small part of me that didn't want to think that he may not come home - but it was hard not too.

So, we can rest easy tonight. We can share our bed with two dogs - and although I sometimes complain that Magnum pushes me to the edge of the bed - tonight I will not be complaining about that.

Thank you to everyone who helped and contacted us wanting to help. You have no idea how nice it feels to know that you are loved.

Thanks to all of you.




Anonymous said...

Cheryl, When I was so sick way back then, Hughie taught me a saying. It is this
; Everyday and in everyway I am getting better and better. Try it when you are running.

Anonymous said...

congrads Cheryl, I'm so happy that Magnum is home!!!!!'