Friday, April 23, 2010

No Canuckula here!

Vancouver Canucks 7. LA Kings 2. Whoop whoop boys!!! Great game - they played hard and it paid off. I like to call Chris 'Canuckula' when his team isn't winning and he is not happy. 

It's a Friday night - almost time for bed, but I thought that I should take a quick trip to confession and spill my guts. Problem is, I don't have too much to confess. So, I have decided to talk about my Pork tenderloin dinner with cranberry sauce and how I bailed out of running tonight. 

I will get to the good goss first. PTC. Pork Tenderloin and Cranberry sauce. Oh my friends, this dish was delicious. I 'stole' the recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Click HERE for the recipe. I wish that I had taken pictures of this b/c it was so beautiful.

The only thing that I altered about the recipe is that I ended up using a hole can of cranberry sauce. I will be excited to try it when I have a fresh batch of homemade cranberry sauce. I think that if you make your own - that the amount that PW used would be enough. I also added a bit more chicken stock - probably 1/4 extra. I also needed to cook the sauce more than what PW has cooked it for - probably another 10-15 mins longer. In addition, my pork took longer than 10-15 mins. I should have seared it longer than I did - but I don't like the outside to be too crispy. I just had to cook for about another 15-20 mins. In the end - the extra bit of cooking time was well worth it. I loved this dish - and Chris did too. It was definitely a 5!!

My usual Thursday night run did not happen last night b/c I had a work dinner. We were supposed to go for a run tonight but my running friend Donna is not well. I could have still went - but the sun the moon and the stars just weren't inline, so I decided against it. I am thinking positive thoughts for her - b/c I really want her to be able to rock it out on Sunday. She has worked so hard - and is going to do so well on Thursday. 

Alright weekend friends - I don't have an action packed weekend - but got some stuff happening. I am on the hunt for something to wear to a wedding, we are meeting a photographer for our wedding, time for positive thoughts, picking up race gear, possibly a hockey game and hopefully a dinner out. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Be good.



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