Monday, April 26, 2010

Power meal, shenanigans, and pizza.

We got this in the mail today! I LOVE getting mail (hint) and I LOVE getting wedding invitations - especially ones that are as beautiful as this. I had to share. I am starting to think about our invites - and thinking that I may try and make them - we'll see how things progress. 

Day 2 after the big race - oh I wasn't supposed to be calling it that - anyways I'm feeling great. I felt so good when I got up this morning - spent about an hour sitting at my desk and got up to make my oatmeal - and all of a sudden I felt the 10K. My hips were a little tight - but as the day went by it got a bit better - and after a long dog walk tonight I am feeling back to normal. What a treat! What a concept! To train for something so that when you do it, you don't want to cry b/c you can't move. I did the 10K quite a few times walking of course - and the next day my feet were always so sore. Not today my friends, not today.

I was really conscience of what I was going to eat and drink the day before the run. I knew that I didn't want anything different or anything that was going to be harmful to me the next day. So, I decided on a light dinner that had protein, vegetables and carbs. Turkey soft tacos. Super easy, super healthy, and super deelish. 

Soft tacos

1 pack of ground turkey
1.5 tsp of garlic powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 red, yellow and orange pepper - chopped into small bits
1/2 cello bag of spinach
2 tbsp of tomato sauce

Toppings: guacamole (avocado, plain yogurt, Epicure guacamole seasoning, 1/2 of fresh lime); fresh tomatoes, shredded cheese and plain yogurt (instead of sour cream)
Try whole wheat or flax seed wraps.

In a large skillet, add the meat and the seasonings. Brown the meat for about 7 minutes, add the peppers and continue to let the meat simmer. After another minutes add the tomato sauce and the fresh spinach. Let the meat and vegetables continue to simmer until the spinach is at the consistency that you like and the meat is cooked.

Once the meat and vegetables are all ready - start the Taco assembly line and enjoy!!

I had to share these pics - this is a little 'something' that happens on a Sunday night (usually) after dinner. Chris has tried his hardest to avoid the dogs while eating - and then after dinner - the shenanigans are busted out and all **** breaks loose. 

Jozie is not as fond of this as Magnum is. Plus she is hoping that I will drop something for her. I didn't.

And now for something to end the night with - I was watching a bit of the cooking channel before I weathered the hurricane winds with the dogs and they were talking about 2 pizzas that I am going to try. The first one is a thin crust potato pizza. Yes!!! I know - potato pizza. So - stay tuned for that. The other one is a chocolate pizza. Hello!! I am going to have to break out Joc's (hi Jocelyn, I love and miss you lots) pizza dough recipe and just do it!

Alright Monday nighters - I am going to wrap up this party and do a little R&R on the sofa. Or couch. I usually say 'couch' not sure why I said 'sofa'. Is it more sophisticated to say 'sofa'. Whatever.



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