Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Run like the wind.

What does cursing, heavy breathing, discouraging thoughts, memories of your pup Maggie, a beautiful evening, an emotional evening and a lot of sweat have in common? If you said 'sounds like my last date' you are incorrect. If you said 'a practice 10K run on the TC 10K route' then you are correct.

Oh friends - it was a hard night. Actually parts of it were really hard, and then other parts not so bad. I think that my main struggle was just being on my own and pushing myself. I struggled with the first 10 minutes - my breathing was a bit out of control. My poor running pal, Lisa, I think that she was worried that I was going to keel over. Lisa - if you are reading - you did incredible tonight - I missed you at the end - I did make it though - slow as molasses but I made it.

I had that whole mind game going on. I just didn't push myself. And I think that the reason that I am so upset with myself is - is that I know that I can do this. I know that I can run 10 minutes with a 1 minute walk. I think that what is different from last year is that I didn't really believe in myself. I know that I can do this - I just wish that I knew that tonight. It wasn't an inspiring evening for me - but then all of a sudden I got to the 8K marker and it seemed like it all went by so fast. Don't get me wrong, I was NOT fast tonight. 

My last 1K as I was just about to run in front of the Parliament buildings - my girls (I am not sure if they know that I call them that, but I do) Donna and Judy - were walking towards me to meet me and run the last couple of minutes with me. I couldn't believe it. They did so awesome tonight - they ripped up that course and applied all of their training to have a successful run. It meant so much to me - I had to do my best not to get emotional. That is what I love about this clinic this year - I have made great friends - so supportive - and I hope that they know that they are incredible ladies.

I am going to get in the zone - and I am going to work on preparing myself for race day. Whether I choose to wear my iPod, or leach on to someone and pretend that I am visually impaired so they feel worried and guilty and choose to run with me - that is what I will do. Ok, the latter - probably not - it's probably wrong on a bunch of different levels. But, I will work on what I need to work on to ensure a successful and strong run. I will do that. Check.

After a long day and a long run - I am still missing my kidlets in Summerland. I really missed them this morning - and just want to have them close by all the time. I will see them in the next couple of months - and can't wait!

Alright Tuesday night fans. I appreciate you listening to my rant about my run. Life will get better - this funk will pass - and I have to just remember that I ran/walked 10K tonight - when I could have been sitting on my Royal Canadian at home.

Run like the wind.



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Anonymous said...

Of course I am reading. You know, running is not always about running, and more about the emotions running through your head. Sometimes it is the running that is 'easy' and the head telling you all the nasty stuff that it tells you that make the whole thing hard. I did fall into a zone at about the 2k mark, then took that zone almost to the 5k mark, then lost it. I ran walked and had no schedule to the rest of my run. I noted to myself after the whole thing was done that during the first half I forgot that I was running, and then remembered during the second half (going up that nasty hill) that I was running.
What you need to remember is that you are still out there doing it. Regardless of the other people that are doing it faster then you. Who cares about the other people? Crank up the tunes in your ipod, and kick some butt on the 25th! I know that you can do it, you just did do it. It doesn't matter if you do a full 10 and 1 split, maybe that isn't for you. Maybe sometimes you need to do an 8 and 1. You are doing this for yourself, make it about that.
I am proud of you!
And, to celebrate I am doing a night out the following Saturday-Tapa Bar for some Sangria and Tapas. All to celebrate me just doing it, being better then the people who are sitting on their couches while we are out working our butts off! So, an invite to join me. To celebrate us :)