Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wha Wha Wednesday

Whatup Wednesday.

Warning - I am fighting something - so don't come too close. Not really sure what it is - but it's in my throat - I am thinking positive - trying to stay healthy and just tell myself that the bug can't stay in my body. I have no room for any sort of flu/cold in my life. Chris is also fighting a cold. His started as a bad bout of allergies and has turned into a cold. Poor guy. 

Ok that's it for sick talk. No sick talk here.

Life is busy this week - I have been trying to find a dress for a wedding in May. I found something the other day - spent too much on it - and I don't love it. I am thinking of bringing out a favourite from the closet and shortening it a bit. I was pretty happy to see that it still fit - I can't breathe in it - but it looks nice :) We'll see - I have a couple of more weeks. I do, however, need to look nice for the day. Not only b/c it's my good friend, Tracy's, wedding and I like to look special for her :) - but I am the MC. OMG!!! I am the MC. Oh god - I just panicked a bit. MC in the HOWWWWSE.  Tips are welcomed. Please send them.

I just made 2 big batches of Tiger Fudge. We are having a Silent Auction for Power to Be - and I made a big slab of it to be auctioned off. I hope that someone bids on it - or I will run off with the whole thing - eat it - and probably get sick. Not b/c it's not good - but I don't think that one should eat a slab of it in one sitting. 

Alright friends - just a short post - nothing too exciting to report. I hope you are well.


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