Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whattup 3 day work week?

Hi friends. I don't want to sound too excited or anything - but today is my 'Friday'. I quite enjoy this 3 day week. In fact I LOVE it. I love a lot of things: my Fiance, my dogs, my family and friends, chocolate, cauliflower, kosher salt - I love a lot. And today - I am loving a short week and long weekend.

I just got home from a run. It was a good run. 10 minutes times 5. I ran with Donna. I heart Donna - I have ran with her a couple of times and she is so great. When I met up with her tonight I said - 'are we going to do 10 or 9?' - totally hoping that she would say '9', but she said 10. Although 10 was scary - it turned out well. It started out pretty good - I stopped at about 6 minutes and had to walk for 30 seconds and then again just before the 10 minutes was up. The following 4 intervals were stellar - a little slow but there was no stopping and no thoughts of dying. Not thinking about dying when you are running is always a bonus. 

I know that running is a struggle most days - and I am not really any expert - but I do know that bad days happen - and good days will happen too. It's important to remember the good days - and be proud of yourself for accomplishing something that is difficult. This goes for anything - not just running. It's so important to remember that anything that we do to better ourselves - is good. Just simply good. 

On our run tonight - we met Jazzie. Oh no. She was being walked by a volunteer from the SPCA and is currently up for adoption. I think that I may heart her. I came home and showed her to Chris. Check her out HERE. She seems like a loving little bundle. She is older - and it breaks my heart to think of someone giving up their dog at a later stage in their life. I am going to sleep on it - and see what happens. Tracy - has been trying to bribe me to get another dog for quite some time - I told her that 3 dogs is hard - she thinks that it is as easy as having 2. 

My dad always wanted a Basset Hound. I always felt so badly that I brought home a family pup that was the exact opposite of a Basset Hound. I brought home something very similar to the Chewbaka or the Shaggy DA. Although I wouldn't have changed our Maggie for anything in the world - I always had a bit of guilt that my dad never got the dog that he wanted. Sigh. I know my dad never had regrets with Maggie - he loved her and she him. So part of my just always wants to adopt one someday to fulfill one of my dad's dreams. 

Alright - I am taking a bit of a road trip this weekend. Chris and I are jet setting off to Summerland - aka Land of Summer - well I really don't know if that is true, but it is fun to say that. We are taking a quick trip up to hang with my nephew and nieces while my brother and SIL take off for a little time together for the weekend. We are super excited - I am so looking forward to some good one on one time with the kidlets. Uncle David is coming to stay with the pups. He loves the pups and the pups love him.

I will try and post while I am up there - just so I don't go through withdraw. 

I hope you all have a great weekend - be good to yourselves!



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Steph said...

Ya, you should get that dog.
Have fun on your trip. I will miss you.