Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dress rehearsal.

Don't worry - this is not my dress - I am keeping it a secret. But this was one of my top 3, and I loved it.

I haven't spoke too much about my engagement or wedding plans. I'm not sure why, really. I guess I feel that I should keep some things a surprise for the big day - and I guess not everyone wants to hear wedding plans - this is supposed to be a food blog - after all. However, today, I will talk about it, but only a little bit. 

This past weekend was a very successful weekend. I went out in the morning hoping to find a wedding dress. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I wondered if there would be dresses to fit me; I was nervous about having to let people see me in the dresses as I am much more comfortable going in a dressing room - trying something on and then jetting; and I was worried about getting in and out of a dress without having a full on anxiety attack if I got stuck. Thankfully, the day went really well. Actually it was just perfect.

My cousin, Margo, aka Bridesmaid, came down for the day. She made the trek having to leave her home so early. And thankfully she did b/c she has great taste - and she knew what I was and wasn't liking. My sister, Debs, aka Made of Honour, was there too. She helped me in and out of most of the dresses. She saw it all - undies and nothing on top - I guess you lose a little bit of your dignity when trying on dresses. My mom, Jules, aka Mother of bride, was also there. She watched and enjoyed all of it. 

I only ended up having one bit of a panic/anxiety freak out. We were at Shades of White, and I couldn't get out of a dress fast enough - and the spotlights that they had in the change rooms were similar to heat lamps - you can imagine. Cuzzie helped me out of that one. 

Almost all of the dresses fit - almost. And not perfectly - but that was ok - they tied you into those dresses as if you couldn't get out if your life depended on it - so you had a general idea of what the dress would look like. 

After trying on around 10 dresses, I found my dream dress. And I love it. We found it at Blush - it was the first dress that I saw when we went in, the first one that I tried on, and the first one that I fell absolutely in love with. We went to Blush last - so I guess we saved the best for last. I absolutely loved the shop - it was so beautiful, and I think just really captured what a wedding dress shop should be. The girls were so helpful - Aimee - especially. I am so excited to have found the dress - and I can't wait for the day that I can wear it. 

Not only did I find my dress, I also found the Bridesmaids dresses. Debs and Margo both tried it on - and they looked beautiful in it. I know that my other, Bridesmaid, Nancy, is also going to look lovely in it. Bridesmaids are NOT wearing one of these. 

We also found Jules' dress. Her dress is amazing. She is going to look stunning. I tried to trick my mom a couple of months back by telling her I wanted her to wear a tuxedo - but that I would 'feminize' it up a bit. She seemed mortified. I thought it was hillare. 

I hope that all of this hasn't bored you some. I promise to limit the wedding chatter.

On Saturday morning - I whipped up a bunch of blueberry scones. I have made them before - click HERE to see the recipe. I really wanted to have some lemon flavour in them and didn't have any. But, what I did have, was Liberte lemon yogurt. So, instead of the milk, I added a cup of this lemon yogurt. The yogurt made the scones so moist and the subtle hint of lemon, was divine. I will definitely make these again.

Thanks for listening - I hope that your Hump Day was magnificent. The weekend is oh so near - hang tight.



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Jenny said...

That is so exciting Cheryl!!!! You are a beautiful fiancee and will make the most beautifulest bride!!! Share the details, we want to hear them!!