Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a perfect day!

Hello Sunday. Sweet, sweet Sunday. 

What a fantastic weekend it has been. Tracy and Jonathon's wedding was beautiful. Everything was just perfect. Mother nature behaved that day - it was a gorgeous day - the sun was shining - there was a tiny breeze and no rain. The setting was so lovely - trees were the backdrop for the ceremony. 
Tracy looked so beautiful. Her dress was so elegant. She looked stunning. She looked so happy. 

Cupcakes and cake by Rosalyn - so beautiful

The whole day really was perfect. I managed to do 'ok' with my speech. No major catastrophe's, thankfully.  I can't believe that the day came so fast - I know that our wedding day is 5 months away - but that it will come very quickly. 5 months!!!

For today - I have a mountain of clothes that I have to do something with. I need to put my winter clothes away - and break out the summer stuff - and then I need to try and clean our room. But first, I am going to take a quick trip to the RootCellar - for some veg. 

I am going to make a simple salad tonight for dinner - with a delicious dressing - I will post later tonight.

Enjoy the day!



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