Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Helloha. I think that I just made that word up today. I am pretty excited b/c it's like 'Hello!' and 'Aloha' all in the same word. I am sure that you can appreciate my excitement. Ok, I may have just found it on urban dictionary - but I hadn't heard of it before today - so I am still excited.

I have been up to no good over the past week. Well, no good is probably not the best way to describe it. I've been busy - living life and loving it.

This past weekend, I went up to Parksville and stayed at the Beach Acres Resort for Tracy's stagette. Tracy is getting married in 16 days! 16 days!! It seems just like yesterday when she and JR became engaged. You know what else happens in 16 days? Me being the MC at their wedding! Oh god, what have I signed up for??? I thought that it was going to be easy peezy and now - not so sho! I know that it will all come together - I am just going to try and get my 'she-ite' together and whip up something fancy.

Ok back to the stagette. It was so much fun. 9 ladies - just us - 2 condos - ocean view - quick outting to Coombs - lots of incredible food - lots of great chats - all in all - so much fun. Tracy had a really great time - and it was good to meet all of her friends.

I have been doing some cooking - not too much - I will post some pics and then share the recipes in the next little while.

I have a big weekend coming up. I am going wedding dress shopping. I am having mixed feelings about the entire thing. Part of me is at that point in the wedding plans - where it is slowly sinking in that I am getting married. I'M GETTING MARRIED! It's like I have waited to plan a wedding for so long - all the while not even really necessarily wanting to be married - and now that it is here - I still am in a little of that 'pinch me' mode. Cuzzie Jeannie is coming down for the day - which is why I heart her so. She is excited to be here for the day - which makes thing a bit easier. I am not a good shopper with other people - I like to go in, try it on, and that's that. I just don't think that trying on a wedding dress will be able to be the same kind of shopping experience. I know that I want to be slimmer for my wedding - I don't want that to ruin my day though - I want to enjoy the experience - embrace the moment - and work on myself for the wedding day.  We will make it a memorable day and I will enjoy all of it.

Well that's it for tonight. I have lots of stuff to get off my chest.

Alright - be good. 



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Anonymous said...

It's about time that you wrote your blog, I have had nothing to read while running my bath. This weekend we will have a ball.