Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What do you say? Should we? I think so. 

This is a card that my cousin sent me. I love it. And I love that she sent. She knows me well.

Sometimes I do use the middle finger. I like to do it when I am driving and someone has cut me off or made me mad, so I finger the other driver, but under the dash so that they don't actually see me. It just makes me feel better.

My friend growing up, Colleen, used to practice holding her middle finger so that her pointer finder and ring finger were perfectly squared - she would practice this all the time. It used to totally crack me up.  Anyways, we are more mature now. Well some of us are... Colleen probably is. I will have to ask her if she still practices this.

I made this for dinner on Mothers Day. It was a good side dish - although Chris didn't love it. I guess he rated it a 3. Booums. I will make it again, and again, until he gives it a 5. Just watch me. I am giving him the middle finger as I type. Just kidding!

Creamed Swiss Chard

1 bunch of swiss chard - I used rainbow - it is so beautiful
2 cups of cream - I would try using the heaviest you can - I used half and half and I think that it could have been thicker
3 cloves of garlic - peeled - left whole
5 sprigs of thyme
3 sprigs of fresh rosemary
1/2 cup of fresh grated parmesan

Chop the swiss chard into bite sized pieces. Blanch the swiss chard. Drain and set aside.
In another sauce pan, add the cream and all of the herbs and garlic. Let the cream simmer until it thickens. Remove the herbs and garlic from the cream, and then add the swiss chard to the cream. Add parmesan cheese, and it's all ready to serve. 

I served it on top of steak and it was a great combination.

Well friends, that's it for me tonight. I have to race out and pick up Connor from baseball. 

Breathe in that beautiful sunshine. Let it hit  your face and soak it all in.



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