Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Monday, you've come far too fast.

My neighbour gave us a panini grill that she didn't use. I have thought about getting one - but then just thought that it would take up space and never be used. So when it was given to me - how could I resist. 

Sometimes I want to say 'Pa-Ny-Ny' instead of 'Pa-Nee-Nee'. I know, crazy.

So, who wouldn't want a panini? See - I knew it - no complaints. Jozie tried to say something - but then she knew that I was talking about food, so she decided to keep it zipped.

For dinner tonight - I tested out the new grill and it worked quite well.

Chicken Pesto Panini

Sourdough bread
Cooked chicken breast - thinly sliced
Yellow peppers - thinly sliced
Tomato slices - thinly sliced
Pesto - I used Epicure pesto mix - it's basically the dry mix, with olive oil and parmesan cheese - it's deelish
Cheese - I used thin slices of deli cheese - monterey jack
Fresh basil leaves

I built the sandwiches:
Pesto, peppers, tomatoes, chicken, basil and cheese

Then I placed the sandwich on the grill and grilled it away. I probably should have grilled it longer than I did - but I was too excited to taste it. It was very tasty. I am excited to make this again.

Well - that's it for me tonight. I am in PMS mode - let the floodgates open - lovely.



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