Saturday, May 29, 2010


What a good weekend for a surprise.

My brother, sister and I have been planning a little surprise birthday weekend for my mom for the last little while. My brother, sister-in-law and their wee'ins came into town yesterday - and early this morning I called my mom over to come and get me for my nephew's ball game. In she walked to my wee niece sitting in the door way - it was a great surprise. Then this evening we had some of my mom's friends over for dinner - it was a good night.

I made my 'favourites' for dinner. I know that I have made these dishes a million (ok, I exaggerate) of times before, but no everyone has had them (the majority haven't) so I was safe to serve them. They are easy - make ahead dishes - and the meat can be done on the grill - which makes life even easier - except when Chris doesn't start the bbq when he is supposed to - and when the steak still has a heart beat.

On the menu: (click on the link for the recipe)

Mixed green salad - I only added dried cranberries and walnuts with goat cheese (deelish) 
Grilled steak
Tziaki and pita


Ok. The Cake. It was on a level of it's own. This cake was a work of art. It was made by Rosalyn, a woman that I work with, and she is amazing. Not only is the cake incredibly beautiful, a piece of art, but it is also so delicious. She made a carrot cake. It was sweetened with pineapple juice. It was so moist and so mouthwatering-I-could-eat-all-of-it, but I didn't b/c that is not ladylike.

Rosalyn also made Tracy's cupcakes and cake for her wedding. 

And also made our cupcakes for our kids Kung Fu party last year. 

She is extremely talented. If you are wanting a personalized cake - let me know - I can hook you up - and I know that Ros would love it too.

So, it is getting late. I wanted to send out a quick note. I am having a wonderful weekend. I love the house full. I love hearing the pitter patter of little feet and all the hugs and kisses and cuddles. I just can't get enough - and wish that they all lived next door. Summerland is too far away sometimes. Shouldn't it be law that all families just live together forever. Yes - they could go off and travel the world for a week or two at a time - but then in the end we all have to live in the same town, street, house, living room. Would that be so bad? For right now - I know that my Magnum and Jozie are not allowed to date or move away or even travel the world - they will have to stay with me forever - I might get those pouches. Too far. My maternal 'cravings' are in full swing. Poor nieces and nephews right now - I can't stop squeezing them.

Alright friends. I have so many more stories, tales, recipes, adventures to tell you. Don't hold  your breath. :)



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Anonymous said...

The weekend was so great, and I thank you for hosting it. The cake was to die for, thank Rosalyn for me. You are a wonderful daughter,as is Debbie and Hugh(son)
Love you