Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet Saturday.

No paws were harmed in the taking of this picture.

Look how cute this little paw is. So cute. Just makes me want to bite it. He probably wouldn't mind really - he would think that it was a game and bite me back. I was just sitting here ready to post and noticed his paws have this sweet, earthy smell. I like to put them up to my nose and take in a good breath - I know that might sound weird and all - but it's such a healthy smell - and reminds me that these little paws have had a very good day with lots of outside adventure. The other thing is - is that normally this little fella does not always smell so good. He often exerts a funk - so when there is a good smell - I am going to embrace it.

I am not sure if you have noticed - but on the right hand side of the page - I have posted a new link to IFBC (International Food Blogger Conference). I am VERY excited about this. I have been given an opportunity to go to this - and I can't even believe how fortunate I am. Apparently it is a fantastic weekend, it's not only incredibly informative, but there are treats all weekend and the food is delicious. Whoa!!! I will have to try and contain myself until that weekend. 

Last night we had Tracy and Jonathan and Emma over for dinner. Tracy and JR (I like to call Jonathan that - mostly b/c I forget how to spell his name) are getting married this coming Friday! Only 6 more sleeps. I can't believe how fast this has come. It seems like just a short while ago when she came to work and showed me her ring. It was quite the scene. This Friday is also going to be the first time that I will be speaking in front of more than 30 people like I did when I was back in school doing oral reports. When I say 'school', I don't mean university. I mean Mrs. Hegamon's grade 5 class, doing a report on Holland. My bf, Shannon, asked me what language they spoke and I didn't know the answer so answered with 'Hollandish'. Good one C. Talk about nerves. Chantelle P was also very nervous that day, as she was doing her report on Morocco - she said that it was the same size and had the same population as the US - all while her leg was shaking out of control and she kept having to hit it as if to try get it to try and stop. Poor thing.

Ok, as usual, I digress. Prior to last night, I was a bit nervous, I'm not going to lie. I think that after last night and putting everything in order, I think that it will all be ok. I will do what I can, try and crack a joke or two and not sweat and speak to quickly. Wish me luck. 

For dinner we did something easy - thank goodness for BBQ season. We did homemade guacamole and salsa with corn chips and mini turkey burgers for an appetizer - Safeway is now selling mini burger buns - how fun - they are only white bread and hopefully they will do them in whole wheat - oh they are calling them 'sliders' - which I don't - don't judge me, I just don't. For the main course - bbq chicken and steak, rosemary potatoes and a greek salad. Yumma. 

Well - that's it for me for me on this wonderful Saturday evening. Chris had just went out with his buddy for dins - I am home solo - and I think that I am going to eat Smartfood popcorn for dinner - is that wrong?

I hope that you are all loving the weekend.



PS - tomorrow is the last day - Starbucks is having a happy hour between 4 and 6 I think - that you can get a buy one get one free Frappucino - apparently it's been on for the last week and a bit. I did not know! 

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