Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where did you come from Wednesday?

I'm not sure what has happened since Sunday - but I kind of feel as though I blinked and it's Wednesday. I can't believe that it is Hump Day already and the weekend is right around the corner. I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend. Just sitting by the pool and have my pool boy bring me white wine spritzers. Just kidding. I don't even like white wine spritzers. Oh just kidding again. I don't have a pool - but will probably have Chris be the pool boy. I actually do plan on planting my pots and veggie garden this weekend. I just haven't had a chance to do it yet - and I am behind - but really - the weather has been so cruddy - that the plants will be better off just going in now. 

The other night I made a nice batch of pasta. We haven't had pasta in quite some time - and I saw some fresh lemon pepper pasta at the Root Cellar so picked it up - and made some good old fashioned comfort food. I got some great veggies at the market on Sunday. They had a ton of local, organic produce - local island tomatoes, organic baby spinach, BC peppers. So delicious and beautiful. 

The pasta that I made was very easy - just sauteed a shallot with garlic. Then added yellow peppers with sliced italian sausage that were grilled on the bbq the night before. Then added a bit of white wine and chicken stock. In went halved cherry tomatoes, with the baby spinach and a bit of goat cheese to finish it off. Yumma.

Michael Smith's 'The Best of Chef at Home' came in the mail today from I really like his cooking show on the Food Network - so I am so excited to have his cook book. I will let you know some of my fave recipes after I give them a try.

I am thinking of starting another blog or website and calling it - OMG. I have a problem. At home, I am fine. I eat breakfast, a small lunch and dinner. Nothing in between, I am not hungry. I get to work - and it is the complete opposite. I can't deal with it. I bring oatmeal and have a bowl of that with some fresh berries. Then around 10AM I feel that I am starving - and I know that I'm not. Today I went to Save On and got a bit of bulk almonds and a bag of Nibs to have after lunch so that I could have a few to satisfy my sweet craving. Yep - good plan - but I pretty much ate it all. I guess the answer is... that I should just not go to work :) 

Alright friends. I am going to work on my 'project'. I have finally, after many, many years - printed pictures for a bunch of black frames that I have had. I am going to put them all on a wall in our Suite B - and I can't wait to have them all up. I will post a pic of it all done.

I hope that Hump Day is marv.



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