Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cooking lesson - Appetizer

Well, well - nice of me to stop by and write a bit. I kind of can't believe that it is already Saturday evening. It seems just like yesterday that I had the girls over for a little cooking - the week has once again zoomed past.

We spent the day today not doing too much of anything. We started the morning off with some pumpkin pie pancakes (I will post these soon) and then did a nice dog walk, followed by some plant shopping. It was really hot here today. Just beautiful.

Dear Summer - we are glad that you are starting to show your face - we have missed you.

So, let's chat about our appetizer that we made on Wednesday night. I really loved how our menu came to be. At first, I really wanted to make tiny, savory, waffle cones and then fill them with something like a salmon mousse. Then we thought about making the waffle cones for dessert. Then we talked about having some sort of seafood for our main - and Beth doesn't love seafood - but suggested that we do something with it for an appy - which was a great idea. And then Steph mentioned that she has the recipe for the Spotted Prawn mayo for Red Fish Blue Fish. Then... Beth said that she had a full head of Iceberg lettuce and why not lettuce wraps - and it was a done deal.

I, did not know what Spotted Prawns were - I know how awkward and embarrassing for me - so I used a bag of frozen regular organic prawns. I thought that they were good - obviously not as good as fresh - but sometimes  you need to improvise. We also improvised on the recipe as well - and I am glad that we did, because it was DELICIOUS. I would definitely, and will definitely, make these again. They were light, refreshing, flavourful and just perfect to start a meal. 

Our dear Steph - prepping the prawns

Prawn Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Prawn Mayo

One half pound of prawns - spotted if you know them - or any type that is uncooked - and deveined (thanks to Steph - she took care of this task for us)
Olive oil
Juice of one lime and one lemon
3 cloves of garlic - minced
6-8 jalepenos - jarred/canned are best to use - dice up - save some of the juice
Kosher salt and pepper
3 tbsp of hot sauce 
1 cup of mayonnaise 
1 head of ice berg lettuce

Flash sear half of the prawns on high heat, with the olive oil, lime juice and garlic (save some for the next set of prawns to be cooked).

In a food processor, transfer the cooked prawns and pulse until they are well blended. Remove the prawns and mix them with the mayonnaise in a separate bowl. Add the kosher salt, pepper and the hot sauce and the jalepenos with a bit of the juice. 

Whip this all together and refrigerate.

In the same pan with the lemon and some of the leftover garlic. Sear the prawns over high heat in a dash of olive oil.

For the lettuce wraps - gently pull each of the leaves off - these will hold your prawns and mayo - so try to keep them in once piece. For more details - and a different variety of lettuce wraps - take a look HERE

A little out of focus - I think that I may have been blind that night. 

Now that everything is prepared, you are ready to enjoy.

Chris rated this a 5!!

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend. 




Steph said...

The appy was very good. Note that they are 'spot' prawns, not 'spotted' prawns. I am excited to try the recipe again as is, just using the liquid from the prawns and not the actual meat. I hope that you still have the piece of paper with the recipe because I do not have another copy.

Love Steph

Beth said...

Steph - here's the recipe available online. And you will notice they say spotTED. :-p

Cheryl - where's the rest?!? So excited!

I hope to cook with you guys again one day - that was wonderful.