Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day with the 'phew!

I'm up early. Up before the crack of dawn. Well it's not really the crack of dawn - but it's early. Chris is off this week - so he and Jozie are sleeping in. I will start to get anxious in about an hour - and start doing things so that he wakes up on his 'own'. 

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time at the ball park with C. He hung with us this weekend - I wanted him to stay the whole time, but he wasn't allowed. So... for all of those parents that spend endless days at the ball parks - you are fantastic parents. It was a bit of a long time. I heart my little 'phew - I should go to more of his games - he is an amazing player.
That's my 'phew on 3rd. So intense. Not sure what the other kid on the right is doing. I think that his coach was yelling 'GET UP!!!'

His teammates are taking the game very seriously. Alert boys!

Oh - he should be looking alert too!

They should call him the 'Thief' - he loves to steal the bases. I guess I wouldn't have been a good baseball player - b/c that's probably not a good nickname.

Run!!! He got someone out. Just not sure who.

Action shot.

After B-ball (that's what the cool kids call it) we spent a lot of time outside - trying to get our yard and deck ready to look like this again this year. Today will be a day full of planting pots - I'm late this year - but the weather has been really lousy. 

C picked what he wanted for dinner - so in great form - he chose chicken wings and caesar salad - his all time faves.  I make wings a lot - and I don't think that I have ever really posted a recipe. So I shall do that now. 

Last night I made two different kinds: My usual - sweet and spicy and then a new kind with a similar sauce that I did the other night - honey, lime, garlic and ginger. 

Left (Sims Style) - Right (Lime, honey, ginger)
Sims Style Classic Wings

I normally make these in the oven - but since it's BBQ season - I was happy that they could be done on the grill. I marinade them - overnight or all day if possible - and then use the marinade as a sauce. If making them in the oven - I like to cook them on a baking rake on top of a baking sheet - this way they can cook crispy. I cook them at 425.

2 dozen wings - I prefer the drumettes
1 cup teriyaki sauce
1/3 cup soy sauce - I like to use the low sodium 
Tobasco sauce - I don't measure, sorry. Just add as much heat as you like
3 cloves of garlic - minced
Juice of lemon or lime - whatever you have on hand
Ketchup - enough to thicken the marinade into a 'bbq' consistency

Put everything in a big bowl or ziploc bag - and let marinade. 

When you have pre-heated the grill or the oven to 425 - cook the wings. For the oven cook for about 20 minutes (you don't need to flip them). On the grill - cook about 12 mins each side. 
With the remaining marinade - add ketchup. When the chicken is getting crispy - you can then brush on the marinade - lots of it - and let the wings cook and crisp up the marinade. Probably for another 15 minutes. And that's it. 

C rated these a 5!!!

Honey, Lime and Ginger Wings

1 dozen wings
3 tbsp of honey
Juice of 2 limes
3 garlic cloves - minced
1 tbsp minced fresh ginger
1/4 cup  soy sauce 

Mix all of the ingredients - without the wings - together. These wings are marinaded - the sauce goes on last.

Pre-heat the oven and grill - like above. Cook the wings until they are starting to crisp up. Then brush on the sauce generously. Add the sauce to both sides and cook both sides.  And that's it. 

Chris rated these a 5!

These wings are really so easy - and are good for any dinner party as an appetizer or for the main course.

Alright - I am trying to get Chris to make me Poached Eggs. And then off to the garden shop to stock up on plants and lots of tomato plants.



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