Thursday, June 24, 2010


Sometimes I sit in my living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, deck - actually any room in my house - and think about how I would like to re-decorate. How I would like to redo these rooms. And then I remember that a. I am saving for a wedding and b. Chris and I have a. no patience for any sort of home renovations and b. we are not handy. So then, I go back to sitting in my room and thinking about what I would like to do.

I call these times DIYI's = Do It Yourself Ideas. Most people are DIY (do it yourself)'ers and I am not. I do enjoy decorating a house - so if that counts as a partial DIY then I will take that. 

I did do a little 'improvement' to a table a couple of weekends. And I also did a picture collage in our Suite B.

Chris brought this little table home from the studio a couple of years ago. It was used to hold the big water bottles. When Chris picked up a new water cooler - he brought this home - and it sat on our deck collecting cob webs. I used it last year to put a lantern on. This year I thought of giving it a fresh look with a coat of white paint. 

In the end I think that although it is still a little table that will probably break in half if you put anything on it, it looks fresh and so much better. 

I have been collecting frames - black frames with white mats - for years. I knew that I wanted to put them on a wall with all black and white photos. Over the years I couldn't decide where I wanted to put them and my idea of just black and white photos changed to mostly colour - as some of the photos that I wanted to post could not be done in black and white - the colours were so vibrant.

We stopped renting out our suite - I like to now call in Suite B. We have a wall in the living area that was blank. Baron. Nothing to it. So I finally went through all of my photos and found our favourites and had them printed. I used London Drugs online to have them developed. Easiest thing ever. 

Uncle David helped me hang them all. Chris supervised from the couch driving us nuts. In the end, we are both (Chris always says he doesn't have my vision but always loves the end result) so happy with it. I love it. It has changed that room completely. I love seeing all of the pictures and love how they all transformed the room.

The other night when I had the fam over for dinner - Jules brought a great little appetizer that she was testing out the recipe for. I guess they were more like a snack. I don't really care what they were b/c they were DEELISH. I need to have Jules be a guest chef. I will ask her soon - b/c I have another delicious salad recipe that she made for me last week.


250 grams Imperial cheese (softened)
1 cup. butter or margarine
1 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp. worchestire sauce or tabasco sauce
4 cups of Rice Krispies

Cream all ingredients really well together and then add 4 cups rice Krispies.
Stir together. Make into little balls and flatten on to cookie sheet with a fork.
Bake at 325 deg, for 15 minutes or until golden.
They keep well in a well sealed tin. Can be frozen.

And that's it - they were so good - a nice little snack.

I am off to sit in the yard and enjoy the wind. Dear wind - please come back in the fall.



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Anonymous said...

I am honored that you actually used one of my recipes, even though it was borrowed from a friend.the other night I made it on a cookie sheet, just patted it in, but made one big mistake, I didn't cut it when it was warm,result: all different sizes. Oh well taste the same.