Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Point form.

So much to say, so little time to say it. It's been an action packed week.

I have:

- hosted an Amazing Race for my co-workers - all around downtown Victoria. It was a huge hit with the team - everyone had the best time. I want to do it again really soon. I think that it would be so much fun to plan for a birthday party. 
- was on A Channel news. I am not famous... yet. Kidding. I was on tv though - for the Amazing Race. One of the tasks was to shop at Save On Foods for a family of 4 (we had 5 teams - so 5 families) - and then bring the food to the Mustard Seed food bank. A Channel was just wondering what we were doing. I was really saddened when I went to the Mustard Seed to drop off the clues and have a short tour. Chris and I are very blessed to have the food that we like when we like. And I am very fortunate to be able to cook what I want to cook. I am not sure what I can do - but I need to plan something to do to help out those in need. 
- celebrated my oldest nephew's 16th birthday. 16!!!! I know that some people roll eyes when you hear 'I remember when...' - but I seriously remember his birth like it was yesterday. I can't believe that this little bundle is now 16. He is old enough to get a driver's license. He is 2 years from graduating. He is 3 years from being legally allowed to drink in a pub. What???? Although he is 16, he is still that little punk who I love so much. He spent a great deal of the night cuddled up on me - he has always been that way. I don't want to sound 'psycho' but if I never become a mom, I have been so lucky to have him in my life, and I have been blessed to have him so close. 
- cracked my crown. My gold TOOF. Not happy about that. I am pretty sure that it's b/c I had a watermelon gum ball at my nephew's birthday and it probably did something that was going to happen anyway. Grrr. So, I had an appt today - and the dentist tried to fix it. They couldn't put the gold TOOF back in, so they did a filling - and I will get a completely new one. Thankfully the new dentist got the hint that I am petrified of everything dentist related. I asked my usual question 'do I need a root canal' - the usual answer 'no' was given. Which is good because A. I don't know what a Root Canal is, and B. I don't want one.
- made a batch of Lemon Blueberry Scones - I added zest and juice of a lemon and 1/2 cup of Liberte lemon yogurt. Yumma!!
- bought some new summer tanks - from Old Navy. I was in need of a few new ones - and I bought them just in time as we are having hot, HOT weather. Love it. 

Well friends - I'm sorry, but no new recipes lately. I made European Wieners for dinner last night. It was a little treat. Nice and easy. 

Enjoy the heat.



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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Cher, we should help those in need, when I think of the food that I throw out, it's a disgrace, and imagine how I feel, I have a 16 year old grandson, and I remember that day vividly also.