Monday, July 12, 2010

The Strength of a Woman

I write this not because I am one, but because I have so many unbelievable, influential women in my life.

The strength of a woman can be compared to no other. A woman is able to take on other worries that are not theirs and carry the weight to relieve their friends and family. A woman can put everyone first before themselves. A woman loves unconditionally. A woman gives peace of mind when it seems impossible. A woman cries when you cry. A woman gives strength when strength is needed. A woman can hold her head up high when and walk proud. A woman recognizes her faults. A woman will walk with you. A woman will run with you. A woman will hold her family in her hand. A woman will hold her family in her heart. A woman will be a best friend. A woman will always support. 

I just wanted to send out to the woman in my life that mean so much to me. You all know who you are. 

Now - each of you - make one of these - it's delicious on a hot summer day.

Lemon Spritz

Lemon Vodka
Club Soda
Lots of ice
Lemons for garnish

In a tall glass, add a shot (or two) of lemon vodka. Then fill the glass with lots of ice. Add lemonade to fill the glass half way. Then top the rest with the club soda. Add a slice of lemon for garnish. Take a seat on the patio - and enjoy.

*I have just found Crystal Light Lemonade sweetened with Splenda. It's really tasty.



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